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Welcome to Thepornlad! As our name suggests, it is our mission to hook you up with the best porn bookmarks for the very best in adult entertainment! You will find pornlists with links to today’s top award-winning porn brands, as well as the hottest new sites to cum online! Additionally, we also have porn lists here for porn discount sites, porn search engines, amateur production houses, indie studios, softcore, erotic stories, live cam sites, and even free porn tubes! Thepornlad truly doesn't give a fuck about political correctness or what some fat slut named Oprah Winfrey thinks about porn! We have a big porn list and it includes everything under the sun—and some things that usually live under rocks.

On, our porn lists are organized into straightforward categories that make it faster and easier than ever for you to find action geared towards all of your favorite naughty niches! This big list of porn is 100% free, so there’s no reason for you to waste precious time trying to figure out what to watch—and where to find it. We are always “on top” of the latest trending porn sites, so keep us in your bookmarks… and you won’t have to worry about keeping it in your pants!

Porn Tube List and More

Who the hell are you people?

We’re a merry band of outlaws living in Sherwood Forest plotting against the Sheriff of Nottingham—just kidding—we’re a merry band of horny guys (and gals!) who got tired of Google and wanted to create a user-friendly and judgment-free platform suited to browsing a vast “carnalcopia” of adult entertainment and related content.

Do I need to give you my credit card info? Driver’s license/federal ID? What about the blood of a sacrificial goat? Should I actually sign up?

Nope, nope, and…no way, man—that’s just creepy! However, yes, you should definitely sign up! Creating an account on Thepornlad is 100% free and discreet. You need only come up with a colorful username and provide an email address. Note: username BigTool4U is already taken, please pick another!

How do you come up with your lists? What is the method to your apparent madness?

Well, for starters we rank sites by content quantity, quality, and overall user experience. And the porn lists themselves are sorted by content niche—it’s pretty intuitive in that respect. However, other lists are more about the platform (i.e. search engine, forum, discount site index) than a niche. As long as you can read, you should be OK here!

So…how big is Thepornlad?

We’re pretty fucking big, man! And also, just take a look around. You won’t find spammy links here, but “loads” of substantive content and actually useful site compilations in our bookmarks. We know how it feels to scroll until your eyes glaze over and we’d never put you through that kind of Hell.

Do you go by Rule 34 of the Internet?

Yes and as long as it’s legal, chances are you’ll find a bookmark here!

But... but... I still can’t find what I want... *twitch*

If you’ve given our search feature the old college try and no dice, or there’s a site that you’d like to see featured here, no problem: just drop us a line on our Contact Us page. Also, be sure to hydrate, apply lotion and keep a warm towel nearby.

Not sure where to start?!?!

A good place to begin your journey is our HQ list of free porn tubes! Have a nice day!