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Thepornlad - About Us

Thepornlad launched all the way back in 1998 - remember those halcyon days of trying to enjoy porn on a 56K modem? Well, since "necessity is the mother of invention," let's just say that one intrepid guy  came up with a real MILF of an idea.

Once upon a time, Thepornlad was a "link list" where webmasters could submit their free porn links and have those links put into nice, tidy categories. "Vintage - Thepornlad's" also had links to things like auto - downloader scripts, ICQ, perl - scripts for webmasters and surfers, etc. If you remember anything about the Internet of the early 2000s, then you know what a magical time it was!

However, after weathering Y2K and the alleged Mayan apocalypse, Thepornlad sold his site in 2012. Ultimately, the emergence of tube sites spamming the Internet with porn clips made our hero retreat to some other part of the Matrix. Subsequently, Thepornlad underwent various other incarnations until the folks at PornDiscounts.com purchased it and finally restored Thepornlad back to its former glory and then some.

And why would they do that? Are the people at PornDiscounts.com really that awesome and altruistic? Well, yes, Porn Discounts definitely kicks ass - but also there's a practical reason here too: porn lists are back in a big way! You could say: "everything old gets to be new again" eventually (not unlike flannel shirts and bell bottoms), but really it's down to common sense: it turns out that most fans really do enjoy having an organized means of keeping track of their favorite entertainment, or where to find the best deals. Tube sites might have lots of ‘spread eagles' but they are simply not equipped to give you an eagle - eye view about the hottest new sites, or fan favorites in a given niche, or where to go to really enjoy xyz.

Now for another fun fact: Porn Discounts also owned Big Porn List, but they have now merged ye olde BPL with Thepornlad's - so if you liked BPL, or you remember "Vintage Thepornlad," then you'll love this redesign even more - it's "breast of both worlds!" As we state on the main page, you will find a huge assortment of porn lists organized into straightforward categories - and, as always, Thepornlad is 100% free to use!

So... where is Thepornlad now, you ask? Our hero rode into the sunset long ago, but don't worry:

We are Thepornlad , You are Thepornlad, and We Are All Thepornlad as we strive to create a better porn browsing experience for horny people the world over.