Best Sex Story Sites

Many people don't realize this, but your brain is your biggest erogenous zone. Even before you catch a glimpse of a babe with puffy nipples or see a 4K close-up of a juicy spread pussy, the lump of fat and nerves between your ears is already working over-time to hone in on those biological urges. If you're lucky enough to have a horny rl partner (or a variety of partners), then you know that the anticipation of a hot night is half the fun. After all, unless you're a total clod, it's not just the thrill of the chase, it's the thoughts about what happens when you get that sweet conquest—and your brain is responsible obviously for all thoughts. 

Ergo, even though most people think of videos and pictures as the be-all, end-all of porn, that's simply not true. What the eff do we mean? Well, what we're trying to say is that there's an even older medium of erotic entertainment that maybe you forgot about, but your brain and your dick will quickly pick up on; the written word.

Sapiosexuals out there reading this are probably nodding and smiling – and even if you're going "wtf is that word", if you claim to like a "mental turn-on" as well as a physical one, then you'll want to check out our list of sex stories sites. Erotic writing is not just for bored housewives craving "bodice rippers" or Harlequin romances. Indeed, there are thriving communities out there of horny fans and rabid readers who want to experience that fantasy pairing of characters on your favorite shows, or who simply want to indulge in personal accounts of the wildest, most taboo fantasies. If anything, sex stories remind us, thrillingly, of what it is to be human, and what it is to have burning desires.

As such, we hope you'll enjoy browsing the options on our sex stories list. Plus, no one is going to think anything of seeing a screen full of text, if you happen to be somewhere like an airplane or cafe, so this is porn that you can literally enjoy just about anywhere.

Starting at the top, Literotica is huge. Not only will you find many erotic niches here, but you will also find a burgeoning community of writers and fans…and category tags that remind you of PornHub! There's no blushing or holding back here—and it's free…and we like to think it counts as "literature" per the name. Stories Online is a close runner-up; they've been around since 1997, so their content archive is huge and still growing. Oh, and by the way, ASSTR (Alt Sex Stories Text Repository) is the mirror site to Stories Online. In any case, it's amazing how these pre-broadband sites are still going strong.

If you'd rather experience great erotic stories combined with social media and porn, then we also highly recommend Lush Stories. On Lush Stories, you can create a personal profile and opt to interact with like-minded kinksters or vanilla folk—whatever excites you, you can bet on finding many others who share in that fantasy too. 

On the other hand, if you're more like 'meh, I like to keep this to myself,' no sweat – check out Nifty. The site is definitely minimalistic in appearance but jam-packed with great reading options. 

Speaking more of options though, if you love "choose your own adventure" style novels, then check out Chyoa—where you can choose how the fucking goes down. Just one little suggestion: if you're reading any of this on a plane, do yourself a favor and get a blanket for your lap, ok? Cool.

Lastly, for those of you who love user-submitted stories that veer a bit off the beaten path, check out MC Stories…where the focus is always on mind-control. 

Alright padawans: go forth and free your mind—and use this list to experience all of the thrilling tales you can take in!

Archive of Our Own is an extensive collection of fan fiction, fan art, and stories laden with adult content. Not all of them are erotic, but a large percentage is. The site is completely free to use. Members can read what others have submitted as well as submit their own work.

Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show and seen massive chemistry between two characters who never hook up? Or maybe they get together, but the scene cuts, so you don't even get a sex scene. I am pretty sure everyone has experienced some disappointment with things like that. The good news is that there are lots of people online who are happy to write out, in great detail, the way they would have preferred a story to go. Those people can often be found posting their work inside of Archive of Our Own.

When I visited the site, I typed several celebrity names into the search bar, and to my surprise, they all came back with multiple results. Some of the names I tried were Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Beyonce, Sophie Turner, Yvonne Strahovski, Rory McCann, and Salma Hayek. The stories ranged from sweet to extremely explicit. There were romantic scenarios, fun affairs, and even gangbangs. Some stories were written with celebrities encountering fans, and others were written about celebrities hooking up with other celebrities, or their characters.

There are several Fandoms to explore. Anime, Literature, Comics, Music, and Video Games are a few. There are also collections, tags, and people to explore. Users can bookmark content as well as sign up for notifications when their favorite contributors post new material. In addition to stories and fan art, you can also find videos and podfic.

When I say this is an enormous collection, I mean it. At the time of writing this review, there are more than 5,367,000 works, over 34,000 fandoms, and more than 2 million users. All fanwork is welcome, so you can post your own as well. There are even challenges to participate in.

If you are looking for a large, open-minded community where you can indulge your fan fantasies, then you need not look any farther. Archive of Our Own is the place to go.

On, you'll be transported back to a simpler time before the days of on-demand streaming porn videos. It wasn't that long ago when we all had to get a little creative to find something worth getting off to. Some kids on the bus would even draw pictures of vaginas and sell them for $4 a-piece. Times were hard, but so were our dicks. Many of us even circulated erotic word documents with some of the hottest stories ever written. Guess where we found them?

I'll be the first to admit, I frequently visited back in the late 90's and I can't believe it's still around. I thought it was merely a placeholder in history until we all got the porn we were waiting for, but this site is still going strong. I'm excited to pick up where I left off and see it gives me the same tingles. LitErotica has a thriving community, allowing users to create profiles, post to read/author bulletin boards, live chat with other users in real time 24/7, and even post personal ads. But what brought these members together in the first place? User-submitted erotic literature that is hot as fuck! 

The site itself is packed full of content, but the design has basically remained unchanged for the last couple of decades. It's a simple white background with categories and links along the left-hand side. Erotic Stories is by-far the largest section. It looks like the categories on PornHub or Redtube. Some examples are Anal, BDSM, Erotic Horror, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Fetish, Gay Male, Incest/Taboo, Mind Control, Mature, NonConsent, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Transgender & Crossdressers, and so much more. They also have filtered selections for new and most popular stories. 

If you want to go down a super-sexy rabbit hole, head on over to Literotica. It's a great resource for adult literature, member interaction, kinky poetry, erotic art, adult headline news, and links to other great content like flash games, webcams, pictures, and a lot more. For a non-porn site, it's hard to imagine there could be so much material to wade through. You need to see it for yourself.

On, we all get to take a break from hardcore video porn and delve into the underground world of erotic literature. Sure, traditional porn sites may dominate the web, but there's a thriving community of readers and writers who love user-submitted sex stories. Honestly, this material is hot as fuck and everyone should take a look. You may be surprised to know that this type of content has a huge following, so there must be something to it. So, what exactly goes on at Let's find out.

When you load up the homepage, you'll immediately notice the minimalistic approach. This is the standard format for most every erotic literature website I've seen. It makes sense if you think about it. These sites are all about the reading material. It's not about being visually stimulated. However, the site does have a very organized and user-friendly setup that allows us all to find the good stuff and get down to business. Oh yeah, just because this is text-based content doesn't mean you won't be blowing your load to it. I've been jacking off to erotic stories since Middle School. (Don't tell my mom.) states they're "building a large collection of sex-related texts, easy to navigate, categorized, without advertising." They also let you know you can publish your work for free. Everyone is welcome here and no subject is off-topic. In fact, the more extreme or fringe the theme, the more success the stories usually have. For example, the top story currently called "Sis Watches" is about incest. It's been read over 230,000 times and has a rating of 95.9%. Other popular themes include Bondage and Restriction, Ass to Mouth, Domination/submission, Non-consensual Sex, Transvestite, Stockholm Syndrome, Humiliation, Torture, and so many more. All the more traditional genres are also accounted for such as Teen, Romance, Group Sex, etc. But you get the idea. Nothing is censored here. 

I have to say that is a quality addition to the erotic literature brand of adult sites and it definitely deserves your visit. You may even feel the urge to make a profile and get more involved here – it wouldn't be a waste of your time!

I don’t know about you, but for me, a good story can be incredibly way more arousing than a porn video. In a porn video, things just happen in a certain way, and that’s what you get. Reading a story, and looking at the accompanying pictures of the story, gives the imagination way more room to play. A video sometimes does nothing for you, while a good story can get you incredibly aroused, because you are using the largest sex organ in your body: your brain.

Indian Sex Stories is packed with extremely hot stories featuring Indians. If you are Indian yourself, or have a thing for Indians, you’ll find this website exquisite. It covers a lot of niches and categories, so there’s stuff for everybody inside. Couple, Gay, Desi, Group, Lesbian, Incest, Sex Novels, Virgin, Maid Servant… these are some of the categories you’ll find on the site. You can submit your own stories, and if they’re good, you can even win Writer Of The Year, or The Best Story Of Last Week, among other things. You’ll find a huge variety of stories. Some of them are fictitious, some of them have a little truth in them, and some of them are actual confessions of the participants.

By the way, this website is 100% free. You don’t have to pay a cent to be a member. You can access it freely without subscription, and you can sign up in order to participate and submit your own stories. Each story is tagged, and it has the date of publication. There are more than 5,236 pages on this website, and each of them has several stories, so that’s like… a fuckton of stories for you right there. As for the photos, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of them. In them, you’ll feast your eyes on a wide variety of sexy Indian girls. Real Indian girls. So, like I’ve said, if you have a specific fetish for Indian pussy, and you like stories better than porn videos, I really can’t think of a better website. Step inside and see it for yourself — it’s free!

Do you know what's really nifty? Sorry, that joke was unavoidable. But it's also unavoidable that you're going to visit this site for all your erotic literature needs. There's a lot of porn out there. A LOT of porn. But sometimes we need a change of pace. We need something to engage our "mind boner" if that's a thing. You know what I mean, okay? We need to remember what it was like before porn was literally in a super-computer in our pockets. We need to remember a simpler time when dial-up speeds ruled/ruined our pervy little lives. Why? To appreciate how far we've come!

As usual, this brand of website embraces all things minimalistic. It's all about that text so this shouldn't be an issue. We're going to imagine these tits and ass, remember? When you load up this site, you'll see a section for categories, announcements, and recent donors. I think it's nice (or should I say nifty?) of them to give shout-outs to their supporters. Every bit of user recognition counts when your business model and site's survival is predicated on keeping your fans happy. 

When you click on their sidebar menu, you'll see the links for Archives, New Stories, Authors, Donate, and Shop. There's also a search bar field if you want to look for a specific keyword or genre. One of the more charming aspects here for me is the online store. It's a link to a Cafe Press website with options for shirts, hoodies, and even underwear to sport your Nifty pride. I'm sorry, that's just adorable if you ask me.

When it comes to erotic literature, you're either a fan or you're not. Some of us are too visually driven and programmed by our new social media overlords to not read more than a few dozen characters at a time. But I don't say that to discourage you from trying to read more. We could all benefit from a nice reading assignment, especially when it involves kinky themes and potential orgasms when you finish. Give a visit. I think you'll truly enjoy your time there.

When you visit, you may be interacting with adult content in a truly brand-new way. I write a lot of porn reviews and I don't think I have made such a claim before, but there's a first time for everything, I suppose. So, what makes CHYOA any different from the countless other sites? Sure, it's an erotic literature-based site that doesn't rely on porn videos or images, but we've all heard of sites like those already. That is true. But have you ever had an interactive adult story? 

When you load up this page you'll see the current tally of literature published to the site. "Read and participate in 11,831 interactive sex stories" it states. But what does this mean? The menu has the "CHYOA GUIDE" to let you know what's going on here. It reveals that "readers determine the outcome of the stories by choosing which path to follow every time they're given a choice." I must say, this sounds legitimately intriguing and puts this site a notch above other competitors, at least from my perspective. Not only does this engage my imagination, but I'm also in control of where this erotic story ends up. 

As usual, this is a social network and community-driven business model that puts user experience and involvement as the top priority. Getting users to buy into the community is key here because there are no giant tits bouncing on every screen like on Brazzers or PornHub. Users can submit their own content which is kept fresh and updated constantly. This is vital to any porn site (or any website). I liked seeing that CHYOA put effort into making a FAQ section with rules and guidelines to make the process as streamlined and easy to understand as possible. 

So, is CHYOA up your alley? In my opinion, it should be. It gives you the opportunity to get more out of an erotic adult story website. It's a bit of a throwback while still being something fresh and new at the same time. In the adult industry, that's always a win.

Fans of erotic fiction owe it to themselves to grab a free membership to Stories Online. This is a treasure trove of sex in text form. Regular people from all over the world, post about their sexual fantasies, experiences, and the characters and encounters they imagine. Some stories are sweet, some are dark, and others are everywhere in between.

Stories Online was created all the way back in 1997. Instead of fading away in the face of porn saturation, it has stayed online and grown even bigger with every passing year. These days, there are tens of thousands of stories to read. Here are short stories, serials, novels, and ebooks to enthrall readers. Some stories will suck you in and have you eagerly awaiting the next entry. Some will be far less impressive. With a user-submission site like this one, you will come across a huge variation in talent. There are people who are natural storytellers, as well as people who have great ideas but aren't always skilled at crafting the words and giving them structure.

The number of genres covered is mind blowing and goes to show that people can find sexuality in pretty much everything. Time travel, science fiction, horror, Western, mystery, historical, fetish, mind control, and of course, lots of fan fiction can be found here. There is also some darker material on the site, as well as quite a bit of taboo. 

Although you won't find hardcore videos and explicit photo sets, the words inside of are captivating all on their own. Knowing that these thoughts are swirling around in the minds of everyday people adds an extra element of excitement to it all. Not everyone likes to read, but for those that do, Stories Online is a goldmine of titillation in text form.

There are daily updates, thousands of authors, blogs, and other features to check out. There is zero advertising, and getting a membership costs nothing. Signing up is easy and so is contributing some of your own work if you wish. There is simply no good reason not to check it out. is much more than another adult site. To say that porn sites are common online would be the understatement of the year. Maybe that's why there are more and more alternative sites popping up like Lust Stories. So what makes them so different? You don't always need porn to be the focal point. Sometimes it's about engaging the imagination of your fan base, and that's exactly what’s happening here. The moment you log on you'll be intrigued and probably still very much turned on. introduces itself as "a sex stories and erotica focused adult social network." It invites visitors to create a user account but of course, this is not required to get a taste of the action. Personally, I have to admit that I created an account right away because I knew I'd be coming back right after this review was written. Why? It has everything you could want in an adult social network. They have a thriving community composed of over 380,000 members (over 4,000 online at the time of this review), chat rooms, adult images, over 200,000 blog posts, and millions of forum posts. What brings them all here?

You'll find groups, LIVE cams, porn tube videos, a store, and of course a gigantic collection of erotic stories. Categories include an extremely extensive and diverse selection of niches and kinks like Anal, Cuckold, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Femdom, Cheating, Horror, MILF Stories, Incest Fantasies, Teen Supernatural, Trans, Swingers, Spanking, Uniform, Taboo, Steampunk, Monster Sex, and my personal favorite... BDSM. There are lots more than what I just listed, so don't worry about not finding what gets you off the hardest.

The site is super-easy to navigate and they do a great job of showcasing their content. The front page even gives short samples of top stories to get you hooked before you've even clicked on anything. I think you're going to love everything about Lush Stories if you're a fan of erotic literature. Even if erotica isn't something you've tried before, this site is worth a visit, or three, so go check out and see what you've been missing.

MCStories is an erotic literature website covering a very specific niche. Instead of bringing you a general array of user-submitted content, it puts the focus firmly on mind control fantasies. From there, a huge number of subcategories can then be explored.

There is no denying that we live in a time where visual stimulation is king. Television shows and movies are more popular than the books they are based on, cam girls are online 24/7 to play out any sort of role play that is craved, and porn users can submit their fantasies and then watch as their favorite starlets perform those fantasies in professional scenes. There is even virtual reality porn now. With so much to view, you might be surprised to learn that some people still enjoy reading erotica.
At first thought, sexual stories might appear to be at a disadvantage, but if you have ever lost yourself in a good book, you know that isn't wholly accurate. The experience is much different from watching porn, but that doesn't mean that it is any less enjoyable. The written word doesn't have the sort of limitations that traditional porn has. Absolutely any topic can be written about. Physical limitations, set designs, and budgets are never an issue. Things that would be illegal to have in a porn video are fair game in text. No matter how impossible, freaky, extraordinary, or depraved a fantasy is, there is a place for it in literature.

MCStories lets you know before you even enter into the site that its content is both impossible and immoral. It is for fantasy and not real life. The bluntness used within the site is straightforward and refreshing. The member forums are active and the conversations are full of imagination and without bullshit.

The “MC” in the title does not stand for Minecraft or emcee, as the site will tell you. It is dedicated to mind control erotica and often delves into extremely inappropriate territory. There is a strong theme of dominance here. Most stories involve men somehow gaining control of the mind of someone who would otherwise never consent to the sexual acts they commit for their new masters. It can, of course, stray from that, but more often than not, it is a man in charge and taking advantage for sexual gain.

There are over 15,000 mind control stories within the site and they cross into all kinds of categories. There are professional authors as well as complete amateurs who contribute. As a result, you will find lots of terrific tales, but also some awful duds. 

If mind control and taboo are topics that intrigue you, you will want to grab a membership and immerse yourself in all that offers.

ASSTR stands for Alt Sex Stories Text Repository. What does that mean? There was a time when the internet was in its infancy, broadband was not what it is today, and the imagination was more than hot enough.

The homepage declares that "ASSTR is home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature, host of the newsgroup, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives." Basically, this site has a shitload of stories to read. Back in the day, I would read these late at night and they would get me off just as hard as porn does today. The niches we all enjoy on major porn sites still existed in text form. Like teen sex? Incent? Milfs? Gay? These stories know how to make you tingle without a titty in site. 

When the homepage comes up, you'll immediately notice the minimalism involved. The background is white and the rest of the site is text and links. You'll see sections for Authors, Collections, FAQ, Search, Donations, News, Spotlights (story recommendations), and Most Recent. When you click on Collections you can browse alphabetically for your niche of choice. Some that stuck out to me were Perverts 'R' Us, Asian Sex Stories Archive, Ol' Joe's Collection, Blackmail and Humiliation, Older vs. Young, Leslita and PZA Boy Stories. Most readers will frequent everything Kristen like Kristen's Collection, Kristen's Links and Kristen's Archives. But the real reward here is in the search. You never know exactly what you'll find. Really take some time and explore the site.

For fans of erotic literature, is a no-brainer. You'll find a thriving member community that supports the site and its authors. The devotion to quality sex stories is more than evident. Even those of us who haven't delved into this niche before would benefit from a visit to this incredible site. It explores taboo and kinks in ways that simply don't always translate into the videos we normally watch. In this respect, holds a real advantage over traditional porn. Trust me, these stories are hot as fuck. Do yourself a favor and spend some time getting off to the hottest erotic literature on the web.

Hey there! If porn videos and photos aren’t really your thing and you are more of a story person, then you’ll absolutely love this free blog called The Kristen Archives. There is a fuckton of erotic stories in there for you to check out.

This is a collection for readers (obviously!); for people that see stuff with their mind’s eye. If you’re used to reading stories (mainstream stories, I mean) that then end up in the hands of big-shot producers that make it into big budget movies with famous actors, then you know how infuriating it is when things don’t look the way you saw them in your head. Sometimes you hate the casting choices (your favorite character is played badly by an actor or actress that doesn’t look the part), the main character is played by an A-list actor that’s pretty good in other roles, but not in this one… the list of stuff that you might hate goes on. Sometimes they change things so that they appeal to a broader audience and that fucks with the original story… What I’m trying to say is that a good story and activate your imagination and get you incredibly aroused, because you see it perfectly the way it appeals to you in your mind. Take the same story and add a bad performance by an actor that you don’t find attractive… it ruins it.

So, if you prefer stories for some of the above reasons or some of your own reasons, here’s a place where you can read hundreds and hundreds of them. This stuff was started by Kristen in 1997, so imagine the amount of stories there are inside by now. They say the brain is the largest sex organ in the human body, so put it to good use with these amazing and exhilarating stories. Some are pure fiction, others are based on real events, and of course there are those that combine elements of truth with a whole bunch of fiction and imagination. Go ahead and check them out — you’ll have a fantastic time going through this collection. Lots of very creative people have contributed to it.

On some purely grammatical level, “Solo Touch” seems like a wordy way to politely avoid the word “Masturbation.” Well, no shame here! If you’re flying “hand solo” these days, Solo Touch will show you—or rather, tell you—that you are in good company. is an erotic story site that caters heavily to masturbation fantasies. This site gives you user-submitted content, which means you too can join up and become part of this fascinating fapper community. Some of the stories remind us a little of Penthouse Letters in that you walk the line between “real” and “imagined.” For instance: “once upon a time in college, a blonde with D-cup boobs gave me a handjob at night in the park” – you’ll find plenty of steamy stories that are both too good to be true, and also might give you renewed faith in humanity if it is true.

 It’s a good bet that most of the content authors here on Solo Touch are male, but you have some ladies here too writing about how they make their pussy cream. Currently, Solo Touch has 46,652+ stories ready to read, and more arrive all the time. At a glance, this site is super well-designed and organized, so finding content, even super niche content, is pretty easy. They have a category menu, and also authors use keyword tags, so you can quickly hone in on stories that feature all of your particular fantasies. On the top menu, you can find quick links to take you to a forum, chat area, media area (user submitted photos and videos), and links to live cams. You’ll also notice a section for “Toys” which now happily links to a Solo Touch sex shop that offers toys and novelties (lube, dvds, books, lingerie) for men and women. It’s pretty ingenious actually that you can now purchase a dildo, hitachi, or fleshlight or whatever to go along with your special adult story time.

All told, if you tend to rather “cerebral” about sex and prone to daydreaming in general, Solo Touch will get the blood flowing between your ears AND between your legs, so check them out. And if you have a nasty tale or two to share, by all means sign up: it’s free to join Solo Touch and become part of this unique community.

Want to read some naughty trans aka TG stories at Fiction Mania? If you’re here, then I imagine you don’t mind a fair bit of reading. After all, these reviews are pretty fucking in-depth if I do say so myself. No, I’m not here to just keep patting myself on the back. I’m talking about smut. Erotica. Fanfictions. Whatever the fuck you want to call written porn. I know, I know, some of you fucks out there need a full VR headset with a heated, auto lubed, ultra fuck master 1000 with the gyrating pussy add-on to get your chaffed, desensitized dick to spurt out its 10th pathetic dribble of cum out for the day.


This site isn’t for you. This site is for the more reasonable chicks and dudes out there who can appreciate a good steamy story and use their damn imagination. And, in case you were too horny to read the short description I gave beneath the site title, I’ll give you cucks a fair warning. This is going to be a trans-themed erotica site. So, don’t go sending me shit about it in my email. If you don’t like stories about trans babes getting fucked, then don’t bother with this one. is a completely free to use, user-driven and run, trans fiction site with thousands upon thousands of steamy stories to get your dick hard or your pussy wet. And, as far as trans fiction sites go, this is definitely one of the most successful ones I’ve seen. They bring in right around 2 million trans story fanatics to the site on a monthly basis. And this site has been kicking it for a good while. I couldn’t find exactly when they launched, but they have stories dating as far back as 1999.



Well Organized Site Despite HTML Design

It’s an HTML site, so you’ll have to deal with all the quirks that come with that. I can’t give them too much shit since the entire site is run by volunteers. And, for what it is, It’s fairly well organized. A clean, simple header up top with tons of suboptions. Text boxes below for reviews and all that. I just can’t stand a white design on a site where you have to read shit for hours on end. You’ll have to opt for a dark reader if you’re like me and care about your eyes. I mean, I can’t watch any good porn if I fuck my eyes up. I need them to look at big bootied bitches.



When you first pop over to the site you’ll get a full disclaimer about the content on the site. So, you have no fucking excuses now. I warned you. They warned you. What I noticed right up front though is that there aren’t any restrictions on the stories you can tell. Well, as long as they’re about trans sluts. You can go vanilla, extreme, or whatever else your fetish filled mind could come up with.



Share Your Own Steamy Stories or Check Out and Review Others

On the homepage you’ll see a random image with, usually, a trans-themed quote or something like that. Next to that, you can see that the site keeps track of exactly how many stories are on the site at any given time. Right now they have right around 33 thousand stories. Holy fuck. I was more impressed by that figure than those porn videos where the petite slut sees the hulking cock she’s about to get fucked with for the first time.



Below that, you’ll see a list of random reviews. Any registered user can read stories and review them. This site is all about sharing hot stories and getting feedback on them. And this isn’t the kind of feedback you see on porn videos like “I would luv to touch her tight vagene.” The people on this site care about the content posted here. If you put up shitty writing or try and be a troll, then prepare for some backlash. And not the sexy kind of lashings either.


From there, you’ll want to use the header to hop around. It has options for “Message Board, New Stories, Search, Info, and Title Images.” That last one lets users submit photos that have the possibility of popping up on the homepage with a quote. New stories, of course, lets you check out the newest stories. And I was surprised to see that multiple stories get uploaded here on a daily basis. There’s always some new, smutty stories to fap to. And the message board is simply a place to post questions or have discussions about the site or other trans topics.



Excellent Search Options Make it Easy to Find Your Next Favorite Author

Where this site really shines is the search menu. Fuck is it comprehensive. It’s one of the best search systems that I think I’ve seen on any porn site, let alone an erotica one. There are nearly 20 different pages that let you filter and search by a wide array of different options. Search by author, around 100 categories, reviewer, keyword, images, character age, random, file size, and many more. Absolutely insane. Talk about a solid user experience. More sites should take notice of this shit.



But it’s time to talk about the stories. No matter what you’re searching for, you’ll get a list of links to stories in that category. The previews give you the title, format, author (along with the number of stories they have written), link to reviews, date published, rating, synopsis, categories, keywords, file size, and age range of characters. Phew, talk about a fuck ton of information. I fucking love it.


Click on the title to get taken to a page where you can read the story. All of the stories have the same plain text format that you would expect from an HTML site. It’s readable as is, but some of you might be more comfortable zooming in. Or you can just lean forward while you jerk off, though your fat ass might shake the desk too much. From there you just scroll on through and read the story. No fancy controls or anything like that to fuck around with.



Clunky, but Functional Mobile Site

I was prepared to talk a lot of shit about the mobile site, but it was surprisingly... okay. It wasn’t a home run by any means. It was like a dry handjob. It’s not pretty or particularly amazing, but it gets the job done. A nut is still a nut. They put some work into making this site work on mobile. All of the menus are cluttered up top instead of under specific dropdowns, but they are all readable. The only place you get tiny text is when you go to stories. Though zooming in and scrolling is made easy enough since there’s white space off to the side. That way you’re not having to scroll horizontally as well.




ThePornLad’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is how organized they are. I hate going to sexy erotica sites that can’t even be bothered to include categories, tags, upload dates, or any of that essential shit. And those are sites that have paid web designers to make their site. This is a full HTML site that manages to blow those other sites out of the damn water when it comes to search functions and organization.




ThePornLad’s Suggestions

I’d love to see this site get a full, non HTML, design at some point. I know that shit costs some major dosh, but I think it could bring more traffic in. Other than that, I really don’t have any major complaints about the site. Sure, it can be a bit rough and clunky to use, but that’s more because of the format than the site itself. So, I give them a pass on that. Same with the white design. I can’t really help that when it comes to HTML.


ThePornLad’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you like hot stories of trans hotties getting fucked, cucked, and sucked, then you’ll love It’s packed full of fetish filled stories by amateur authors. Some are great. Some suck. That’s half the fun of these sites. Though you’ll definitely be able to find a story worth getting off to with the slew of handy search options. Whip that dick out or flick the bean to sexy stories over at

Looking for free femdom, bondage or BDSM stories at BDSMLibrary? Tell me. Were you neglected as a child? Did your father beat you? Were you bullied? Is there a gripping childhood trauma in your soul that comes to the surface every time you face a crisis? If so, then you’re a top candidate to be a BDSM fan. BDSM Library is an iconic XXX website dedicated to delivering nothing but the best BDSM porn to the world in all formats, shapes, and sizes. This is a real haven for the worldwide BDSM community because its forums have been active with fans talking about how they like to be the top or bottom since 2001 – that’s 17 years of in-depth debates, lectures, experiences and general knowledge which literally makes up the ‘library’ of Regardless if you’re a fanatic who likes to get spanked (or do the spanking) every other day, if you’re a casual BDSM-er who had an ex-girlfriend that liked getting choked, or you’re a sick freak of a virgin who likes jacking off to humiliation and torture porn, you’re sure to appreciate what this enormous website has on offer.



Free Membership

There is a treasure's worth of BDSM-related content on this site, and you can take advantage of it like you take advantage of your dick at night, because the website gives it to you all for free – all you gotta do is become a member. Also, as soon as you register, you’ll get yourself a free blog so you can start posting about your relevant experiences from the start, and all it takes is becoming a member. And what does it cost to become one? Absolutely fucking nothing. So if you’re someone who has a healthy or sick preference for all things BDSM-related, then I really don’t know why you haven’t become a member of its largest fandom in existence.




Stories All Around

One of the most quality, consistent features about this website is its BDSM stories – I mean, it's highlighted in red text right on the top middle of the homepage, so it’s gotta be important, right? The stories on BDSMlibrary are everything – thousands of real (and probably some fake) experiences that have been posted by the site’s users since 2001 and onward, all compiled into one big section for your reading pleasure. If you’re a novice to the world of porn, you might think that reading your porn would amount to a crappy experience, and it’s in no way comparable to content with visual stimuli like photos or videos.



But you’re wrong, and you should feel bad about yourself because you’re probably a <100 IQ loser who stays at home and jerks off all day while your parents sigh in disappointment. The bondage stories on here are A-grade BDSM material and will definitely get the right person aroused, after all, as it says on the site; “Our largest sexual organ is still the human mind and it's limited only by your imagination.” And that means that if you ever hope to transcend your porn-consumption to a higher, more refined level, then you’re gonna have to put down the photos and videos and start doing some reading and imagining.



The Galleries are Here Too

Let’s face it, as sophisticated as reading pornography may be, sometimes you just want a quick fap to relieve tension, soothe the depression away, help you go to sleep – whatever. That’s why there’s a GIANT gallery of images on this website that’s big enough to keep you orgasming on the hour for weeks, and possibly months. That’s not an overstatement either – there are pics on the gallery section of this page which have constantly been uploaded for the better part of two fucking decades, so you best believe that there’s more than enough to go around.



And they’re properly categorized too, so you can find what you’re looking for with relative ease – 41 categories of organized, vintage and new BDSM pictures that will make any dedicated fan feel like a kid in a candy store. There’s everything here, from amateurs, Asian, black & couples to the more extreme, out-there shit like torture, smothering, slaves, water, punishment, pregnant and so on. Even cartoons and furries can join in on the fun with their own dedicated category. Basically, if you can imagine it, it’s probably there, and chances are it’s nowhere else to be found on the world wide web.



Wanna Watch Hot BDSM Videos?

Remember when I literally just said that this site’s forte was its stories, and how it has a whole heap of images enough to keep you satisfied for a lifetime? Well, if you’re someone who can barely make ends meet then you’ll probably want to embrace those two sections of this website, because the videos on here are, brace for it, pay-per-view. That’s right, all the videos you could ever watch when it comes to good old fashioned bondage porn and they’re locked behind a paywall that only a full credit card can penetrate.



Now I’m not saying this website is inherently bad for doing this, because the videos they have available are all professionally-filmed XXX movies. That’s right – not an amateur video in sight, even the ‘amateur’ category in the video section has professionally-filmed XXX movies that claim to have amateurs in their cast. Still, I wouldn’t let this fact deter me away from this website because regardless of the paywall that’s blocking the videos, there’s still PLENTY of free and interactive shit on here that’s sure to make this place worth your time.



Live Chat Rooms With Fellow Members

You don’t have to pay for the privilege of being able to view videos on here, because there’s a whole section dedicated to live chat rooms that can be used by you and this time for free. All you have to do is make your own profile and follow all the rules listed at the beginning of the section, and you’re good to go. This is probably the funnest section of this website because you can roleplay being dominant or submissive with other people who are as interested in whips, chains, ropes, and latex as much as you are. Now, unfortunately, there’s no webcam option on this section of this page, because there’s a dedicated ‘Live Fetish Webcams’ section for that kind of fun.




Live Fetish Webcams

Now you don’t have to bother socializing and interacting with people in the real world because you can get the full, uncensored pleasure of being able to speak with fellow BDSM fans while being on a face-to-face (or in this case, genital to genital) live webcam feed with them. You might not be so impressed by your choice of co-cammer for the most part, but you’re sure to find a person that’s right for you. And who knows, one day you might marry and have kids with that same person and tell your kids how you met each other on a live cam session hosted on an old internet website dedicated to all BDSM-related content.




The Website is Definitely in Need of an Update

Despite all the effort the admins have been putting into this website since 2001, there’s no doubt about the fact that this site’s interface, written content, and functions are all desperately in need of an update. At first glance, the design looks dated, which isn’t such a bad thing and it was probably the admins’ decision to keep it in its original form intentionally so that it can look nostalgic. But the outdatedness doesn’t end there, because the site’s functions are also old and more-or-less defunct.



One fine example of this is when you enter the chat room section, where the rules state: “YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE ENTERING CHAT!! If you enter the chat as an unregistered user, you will be immediately kicked from the room.” Then there’s other stuff like: “Please select your user name (�nick�) carefully, as it is somewhat difficult to change your name. To change your user name, you will need Contact Torq either by PM on the forum or by email at [email protected].”


It seems obvious that the admins put this into the website back in 2001, when using the internet wasn’t an everyday thing for pretty much all the Western world and people needed helpful hints on how to navigate through simple websites. This doesn’t go hand-in-hand with nostalgia, and it’d probably be best if the admins just updated the whole website to be more functional while still retaining its classic look. Also, one last thing, at this moment, half of the site’s categories are broken links – that really kind of fucks up the whole user experience, doesn’t it?

With the recent interest in Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM is becoming increasingly popular in both porn and erotica. If you're looking for bondage and kinky stories, you might want to give a try. Some would say that this story is geared more towards women. They say that many women enjoy reading erotica rather than looking at porn. The layout is pretty feminine and modern in design, with short stories and novels being added constantly. It's simple to use and get into the actual content too so you won't be browsing for hours before you read your erotica. I love how the first thing you see is a great slider with beautiful images to accompany the stories being advertised. Not only do they have stories, both short and longer, they also have some resources for learning about BDSM topics.


They have a video section which mostly features videos from the popular BDSM porn site, Wasteland, but this is not the main focus of the site at all. They really do take story submissions so if you think you’ve got a dirty mind, then you should start typing and send it in. If they think it is good enough they will put it up on their site and you’ll be on your way to BDSM story stardom. Who knows, it could be how you become the next EL James. If you’ve never read an erotic story before and are more like a porn guy, I suggest giving it a try. It’s way hotter than you’d think, although I’m still a hardcore porn guy myself!


When you click on a story, it will load in your web browser, so there is no option to download but this isn't a problem as you can just copy and paste into Word to print if reading on the screen isn't your thing. Tags are also used on the bottom of the stories, in case you want to try to find stories with the same types of themes. In addition to short stories they have novels, and even some poetry. So, if literature is what you’re looking for you’ll be kinkily pleased with the offerings here. You really can’t go wrong with BDSM Cafe if what you are looking for it erotic BDSM stories. There are some really high quality tales woven here, that will get you hot and wet for whatever sexy business is coming to you in the future.