Sex Blog Sites

Here’s a list with a bunch of sex blog sites. You’ll find a lot of information exploring them. For example, pictures, videos, articles, links to specific porn sites, or sex-related sites… There’s a lot to explore! Some of these sex bloggers are sexologists, so they have a ton of information to share with you. You’ll learn things about toys, orgasm, flirting, dating… you will also find erotic stories (some true, some fiction) and sex education.


BDSM, cunnilingus, anal sex… you’ll find guides for everything sex-related. Things from how to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship to advice about sex toys. Many of these bloggers work as sex-toy testers, so they have valuable tips for you. If you’re a newbie to sex-toys and you’re interested in getting some, their bits of advice will come in handy. We are all different people, and what works for you might not work for the next person, so it’s better to be informed, to know what kind of toys are more suitable for you, and so on.


If you find that your mind is a better place to resort to when it comes to masturbation, then ditch porn videos and check out the many sex stories available on these blog sites. There are many original creations from authors that do an outstanding job at it. They keep saying “the book is better than the movie,” and, in most cases, it is. So, why wouldn’t it be the same with porn? The characters can look exactly the way you want them to look, sound like you want them to sound, and so on. You won’t get mad because they cast an actor or actress that you hate, or that you think looks nothing like the part. Your mind will get you precisely the images you want.


There are also many articles on mental health issues (obviously things related to sex and relationships) which might help you understand something about yourself or your significant other. These blogs are useful for single people, for married people, for young couples, old couples, and pretty much everybody. There is also a lot of information for transgender people and gay people. There’s stuff for everybody on these sex blog sites, nobody is left out. There’s a wide variety of them, that’s why we’ve listed some of the top, most interesting sex blogs on the web right here. That way you won’t have to go through the trouble of exploring every sex blog out there until you finally come up with a bunch of the good ones. They are right here for you.


You’ll find entertainment, as well as education, reading these sex blog entries. You can learn a lot from them, and then you’ll be thankful when their information pays off. Next time you’re driving a girl crazy with your tongue thanks to the cunnilingus tips you got from a female sexologist, or when you hook up with your favorite type of girl thanks to the seduction tips you get from one of these bloggers, then you’ll be glad you bumped into them. Seize this opportunity and pick up a few skills!

WTF can we expect on Damp Lips? There are so many fucking porn sites on the internet; it can be almost impossible to choose just one. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to! A lot of the reviews you’ll find on my site condone looking through the maze of porn sites out there and picking a few go-to websites for the most efficient fap sessions possible. I guess I assume that you all probably have lives outside of porn. But maybe you don’t. Perhaps I’m giving you too much credit. It’s not outside of the realm of possibilities that you have no life outside aggressively fapping in your mother’s basement. And that’s ok … actually, no, it isn’t. You should probably consider getting a real fucking hobby already!


But my point is, you don’t necessarily have to have a default set of sites to visit when you’re horny. There is something to be said about playing the field, trying on a different porn site every time the urge to fap beckons you to your computer. There’s nothing wrong with that! It might have its benefits when you think about it. For one, you’ll be able to see way more porn than if you just go with the same site every time you need to stroke yourself to satisfaction. Also, there’s no arguing with the fact that you will become privy to a more significant amount of diversity, both in types of sites and types of porn that you see. You see, most porn sites tend to stick to one or two robust niches or aesthetics that they specialize in.


Therefore, if you only go to porn tubes like Red Tube or Porn Hub every day, you’re only going to see a couple of types of porn. Eventually, it gets old. It becomes the same girls, the same situations, the same film styles, over and over and over again. You have to mix it up! Variety is the spice of life. And porn is the spice of … I don’t know … loneliness? Either way, it can’t hurt to explore a little bit, try new sites, check out new things, watch new girls. You never know what you might discover. Maybe there’s a whole category out there that you would never have known you were even into had you just played it safe. You’ll never know until you try it out, right?


But if you just stay in your little comfort bubble, how will you ever expand your pornographic vocabulary? How will you increase your sexual appetites? We must evolve since we human beings prosper in change and advancement. It’s in our nature. So, it is only natural, then, that you should do the same thing when it comes to your porn consumption! Give it a rest for a day and try something new. Let’s take a look at a site that is not like the rest of the typical porn tubes on the web – similar, sure, but definitely, with a different approach, a different style, if you will.



A Porn Tube with a Little More to Give

The site that I am talking about is called Damp Lips. What a unique name for a porn site, no? It’s vivid, direct, immediate, explicit, and sexy. I only say “kind of” because there’s something about the word “damp” that has negative enough connotations to be considered an odd choice. Maybe Wet Lips was taken? “Damp” is a word associated with many other things before it is associated with sex. Swamp ass, for example, is “damp.” Wet socks are “damp.” Sure, I suppose pussy lips are “damp,” too, but it’s definitely not the first synonym for “wet” that I would think of in that context. It’s kind of like the word “moist,” not the most attractive associations.



Anyway, let’s take it for what it is. And what Damp Lips is, is a porn tube that operates a little bit differently than all the other porn tubes out there. Damp Lips, instead of giving you just the typical tube site design, offers multiple ways of viewing the site. There is their unique classic layout, in which you will find oversized thumbnails with lengthy descriptions below each one, allowing you to scroll and scroll and scroll and only pass through, say, maybe ten scenes.


To the right of these large thumbnails with descriptions, you will find a few easy to locate sections to choose from as well, enabling even quicker browsing of the entire site than you might be used to. First, you’ll find a list of popular porn stars. Keep scrolling down, and you’ll find “Best Videos Today.” Here, you will find a list of … well, you guessed it … the best videos of the day. The only problem with this is the fact that, unfortunately, they are not linked … just titles with a brief synopsis. I’m not quite sure why this is the case, but it isn’t particularly helpful. Next, you’ll find an archives section, Trending Videos, Most Viewed, The Hottest Girls, Upcoming Videos, and a list of categories.



Customize Your Experience

If you’re more into the porn tube aesthetic, though, Damp Lips offers an alternate site layout made to look and function a little more like what you might be used to. All you have to do is locate “Tube Site” in the site menu bar and, voila, Damp Lips becomes a porn tube! But even their take on the porn tube site design is a little bit different – it has their characteristically unique spin on it. Instead of a horizontal layout, with thumbnails organized into sections that change as you scroll down, one on top of the other, Damp Lips has opted for a vertical design. They still have some of the usual porn tube sections (Recent, Random, and Watch Later), but the categories are separated vertically, with the categories titled all at the top of the page.



It doesn't matter how you prefer your porn experience, Damp Lips has you covered, and that is fucking cool. I hope that more porn sites get into the habit of making customizable / personalized user experiences like this in the future. Whether you are on the tube or the blog, the site menu bar at the top of the page stays the same. Choose from the banner (which also doubles as a home page) that simply reads “Naked Girls – Naked Women and Naked Girls.” In case you needed to be reminded of what you’re looking at [also, is it just me, or is it a bit disturbing that they differentiate between women and girls??].


You can also select Tube Site, Best Porn [a list of sites that Damp Lips has deemed the best, including Brazzers, Girls Cum, Step Family Porn, Crazy Girlfriends, I Know That Girl, Exxxtra Small, and others], Damp Lips [info about the site and how to use it], and Sex Chat. The Sex Chat section is particularly original. I 100% expected it to bring me to a third-party site, probably one of those spammy ‘get laid tonight’ bullshit sites. But it didn’t. Instead, Damp Lips attempts to provide a sex chat classifieds section. Look, don’t get your hopes up, it’s nothing special. It's just a quasi-comments section to which you can choose a username and post a comment regarding what you’re looking for. It is weird. And I can’t imagine it's useful. But, hey, at least they made some attempt at helping you get laid, which is more than most porn sites can say!


I would like to see Damp Lips expand upon this Sex Chat component, though. Especially since it appears to be pretty active. I mean, it’s mostly just dudes posting their contact info and dick measurements, but still. I don’t see why they don’t expand it or instill something a little more elaborate and/or easy to use. It wouldn’t be hard at all to just turn it into a message board or something aimed at the same goals. Or, better yet, if they could implement a basic social media function, that would be awesome. That way, pics can be involved! Although to be fair, I prefer to read a dude’s dick measurements than accidentally come across his dick pic set as his avatar. So, I suppose there’s a silver lining in that cloud.


The porn on Damp Lips is extremely high quality, and professional studios make most of it. They definitely don’t have any quality control issues. My biggest problem with the site is that I could not seem to find any full-length scenes. Everything I saw was an 8 to 10-minute excerpt, much like most “free” porn tubes. So, if you’re not into heavily cut and excerpted porn, this might not be the site for you. But if that doesn’t bother you, well, I may have just given you your new favorite porn site! You’re welcome!

Becoming so very naughty is a lot more possible these days, due to sites like NaughtyBlog. It is all that any smut lover can want and delivers enough high-grade content to make your eyes pop out of your skull!

    It is free to access and has a very attractive porn collection that caters to all taste buds, no matter how kinky. This site gets you horny like a boss and then helps you offload all those pesky cum juices till you feel like you are floating on air!

Naughty and Loving It

    At first sight, commands attention and respect. The home page is flashy and well designed and at the right is a long list showing all the supported XXX categories like big ass, fetish, P.O.V., and teens.

    Directly under this is another long list that presents all the top-class porn networks the staff at NaughtyBlog think you need to jerk off to. Beneath this lies another list where NaughtyBlog acknowledges its friends, as well as some popular porn sites, best siterips, popular pornstars and the latest trending search words. All these make it so easy to find whatever you might be looking for on

Main Page Matters

    The main page itself is filled with vid thumbnails and their descriptions. Clicking on this triggers a free download in whatever format you like.

    These videos are all of very good quality and come from the biggest studios in the business. You can download and watch the hottest stars in 4K quality sucking cock like their lives depend on it and being pumped full of cum by the biggest BBCs imaginable.

    Full-length movies are supported too, some of which are from foreign lands. That means you can watch a German slut get massive drilling lasting an hour or so, till her cunt looks pinker than pink! What more can you ask for!

Time Out Of Time

    If you have a lot of spare time you can visit the siterip section. These have more than 3,000 porn sites like Blacked, JavHD, AsianStreetMeat and loads more. You can download as much of these content as your hard drive can take and for free too.

    Kinks, fetishes and more are well represented on the NaughtyBlog site and it makes it very easy for anyone to access enough porn content to the last them for several centuries!

ENF-CMNF blog! What could be hotter than a bunch of naked chicks? how about naked chicks in public that feel embarrassed by it? It’s sort of taboo when you think about it, but this is exactly the kind of content you’ll find on This place is all about this kind of content and you’ll be scrolling through an endless supply of it while you’re browsing the website. It operates as a free blog, so everyone can check the content out if they so, please.



The beginnings and history of

How about some background on this place? ENF CMNF was made all the way back in 2010 by a dude who really gets off to chicks that get shamed and embarrassed in public by getting nude. So the entire point is that chicks in the content on this blog should be naked while other people around them are wearing clothes. This leads to them being shamed and that leads to the guy who made this site getting hard and horny. I mean, honestly, it is kind of sexy to think about that entire situation since it’s pretty taboo, but to dedicate an entire blog to it and to regularly update it since 2010? The madman!



But to be fair, he doesn’t do all the work by himself. In fact, he only uploaded content to this site alone for the first few years and then other visitors jumped onboard the entire ordeal and started uploading their own ENF and CMNF content to this website. That’s exactly why the site is called, since all the content on here has something to do with these niches. What do these acronyms mean now that we’re at it? Well, I’ll try to explain as simply as possible.



What the hell do all these acronyms even mean?

ENF means Embarrassed Nude Female which is pretty self-explanatory. You have a chick that is really ashamed cause she’s naked in a situation when she shouldn’t be. CMNF, on the other hand, means Clothed Male, Nude Female and this one has more to do with the worship of women’s bodies. They can be embarrassed but they don’t have to be. the important thing is that she’s completely nude, while the dude keeps his clothes on at all times.



Anyway, the dude came to the brilliant idea to put these two together since they do kind of work together when you think about it. The genres are so tight in a bundle that you kind of have to look at them as a whole, and not separately. The fans know this too and that’s why around 2016 the admin started accepting uploads to the site from Forum posts. The ENF-CMNF Forum section was added around that time and all the admin has to do now is optimize the content for the viewing pleasure of the blog’s visitors.



I wish things were less brown on here

The design of is pretty basic, to say the least, and it kinda looks washed out if I am to be completely honest with you. I’m not a really big fan of the brownish colors that plague this website and I think they could’ve done a much better job with that, but what can you expect from a niche blog such as this one. probably doesn’t really care about what we think about the looks of the site as long as they pump out the kind of content that they’re satisfied with. I could’ve said “the kind of content that they’re CONTENT with” but I didn’t want to be misconstrued as a pun guy.



After all, this place isn’t about puns, it’s about porn. does deliver in this regard with all of their posts having something to do with the theme of the website itself. The theme? Embarrassed naked chicks being checked out by complete strangers. You know you like it when chicks are shy and reluctant, and that’s exactly what they’re like on You can expect to find some of the most taboo content in that regard right here on this website.



Standard blog layout will leave you scrolling for days on end

When it comes to the layout of the site, you should expect everything that you would from a regular old porn blog. The posts are placed linearly one after the other and the only way to go through them is to scroll down. Sure, you can use the search bar, but other than that you’re just stuck with scrolling down so that’s not so convenient if you want to cover a lot of ground at once. Other sites certainly do it better than, and I hope that they give users more options for browsing this place in the future.




The search bar is king here, since you’ll need to browse around

I mean, you can narrow your search down to the type of media you want to see such as Images, Videos, and Stories, and you can also filter the search according to a specific tag. These tags act as categories on this site and this is the best way to find the perfect content for yourself. If there wasn’t this tag filter, this entire site could be used in only one way unless you knew exactly what you were looking for. This way you get to define what kind of embarrassed chicks you want to watch today, both when it comes to formatting as well as genre.



How does the search stack up against other niche porn blog websites though? Well, there are some really nice videos on here, but some are really loosely connected to the niche. I mean, it’s pretty broad when you think about it. All you need is one fully clothed man, and a chick that’s naked and boom, you get to upload that content to Some scenes here are just cuts from porn movies that just go up to the point before the dude gets naked.



Asian chicks, Asian chicks everywhere

A lot of the content on seems to be from the Asian porn sphere as well. I guess Asians do get really freaky with these things, and public nudity is a really popular genre in Asia. All you need to do is think about all those damn public transport porn videos from Asia to understand their love for this taboo. So, I guess that makes sense. You can still filter these videos out by selecting a different ethnicity from the tag filter under the search bar.




A forum with a thriving community is included here as well

As previously mentioned, this site has a dedicated Forum section where users can upload all sorts of content that the admin can then approve and upload to the main part of the site. Aside from that and the About tab, the rest of these tabs are just ads basically for other websites. ENF-CMNF does lack a lot of functionality that you’d find on other porn sites in that regard as well, but you can still have a good time if you’re a really big fan of the niche that’s presented here.



All of that being said, you can still expect to have a really good time on As long as you’re okay with some stronger and more taboo content than you’re usually used to on other porn sites, you should enjoy yourself a lot here. Just don’t wimp out to the slightest sight of the women being uncomfortable in some of these situations. However, if you’re completely cool with that, then you’ll have no problem with enjoying all of the pictures and videos that get uploaded to this blog. Go ahead and check (often misspelled as "cmnf enf") out if that’s something that you’d enjoy. has been going at it ever since 2005, which is quite impressive. That's around 13 years of posting filth on the internet! An important thing that has to be mentioned about the filth you find in here is that this is almost exclusively Dutch filth. Well, I'm not saying that the porn here comes exclusively from the Netherlands, that's for sure. What I mean is that this website is primarily available in the Dutch language. However, we have been blessed with an option to check the page out in the English language, too, which is a great thing! There aren't many speakers of the Dutch language in the world, so this is a very good thing.



The basics

You'll notice that x Missy has been divided into a few sections, but primarily, there are only four sections. The first section is the "home" section, and what you'll find here are Missy's videos, Missy's babes and pictures mixes of real girls. You'll notice soon enough that is all about girls. Like, there aren't many dudes in these pornos. In fact, there are pretty much none! I mean, that's not really a bad thing. Well, for girls it is, probably. But you'll have to see your fair share of man meat someplace else, hetero girls. However, us straight men and gay/bi girls are going to enjoy the fuck out of xMissy.



So, most videos here are solo videos or girl-on-girl videos. You'll also find a few other things within the "home" section. For starters, there is the "SinClub," and what you find in here are live webcams of some of the hottest girls on the internet, and I'd have to say that you definitively won't get disappointed. There are few more sub-sections in here that have to be mentioned, such as the section (this one is still all about babes), the Nederporn.TV section which isn't much different than the previous one (but you may see a guy in these videos here and there), and there is also the xMissyStore toyshop where you can buy all kinds of sex toys.



The blog

This is the second section of, and what you find in here are basically random pictures of sexy girls (which isn't that surprising), and these pictures have been divided into a few sections. First off, we have the "funny" section, and I'll have to be very, very honest with you. This shit isn't funny. But okay, I can imagine someone busting a nut to these pictures, so it's completely fine. Next, there's the "sexy" category, and honestly, I don't see why this category has to exist. I mean, aren't all categories supposed to be sexy? Yes, they are. Next, there is the "porn" category. This one has Mostly softcore stuff, mostly girl on girl, and sometimes even guy on girl, and when guy on girl actually shows up its hardcore porn. So yeah, don't expect any lovey-dovey stuff in here, except if it's two girls. You may also hit the "alle categorieen" button up there if you want to see all of these things at once while you scroll through the page.





This section is a thing as well, for some reason. The shortcuts section has a few sections within it, and it has been divided into two sub-sections. First off, there is the "all videos" section which has nothing but girls in it, which is completely fine. I don't mind. The first section of the "all videos" subsection has only solo videos of girls. So basically, it's just girls masturbating and being recorded. Right underneath this section, a section about girl+girl videos is found as well. The porn in here just so happens to be hardcore most of the time.



Then, there is the "all pictures" section, and this one is pretty weird, but it's still pretty useful when it comes to busting a nut. The first category within the "all pictures" section is called "Artcore pictures," and basically, what you find in here are pictures that are primarily supposed to be artsy. Pictures that are supposed to display "tasteful" nudity, but they are also slightly pornographic in nature. Next, there is the "pix-mix," and what you find in here are random pictures that the people behind found to be sexy. Then, there is the "pix-mix HARD!", and what you find in here is basically the same thing you find in the original pix mix, except these pictures are always hardcore.


Next up, there is the "Pics Series" section, and what you find in here are loads of photo albums, and each one of these albums has a "thing" going on for them. For starters, there are albums that are all about girls in stockings, albums about girls who suck fake dicks (so dildos, basically), albums about girls touching other girls and even pictures of girls playing with themselves. Sounds good, right?


Next, there is the "popular girls" section, and what you find in here are names of various girls who managed to become famous on For example, the names you get to see here usually are "Maria Rya, Michaela Isizzu, Sapphira, Miela, and so on. Oh yeah, little caprice is in here too.



The design of the page

A true fan of pornography will learn to value every single little thing about his website of choice, and so on, he will learn that having a decent page design is very, very important. For starters, you (who might not be a huge porn enthusiast) should know by now that a nice page design can make the experience much better. So basically, if looked like shit and failed to deliver that vibe that we crave, we wouldn't like it as much as we like it now, right? Right. That beautiful purple background makes the page look real nice, and it gives xMissy a wonderful "early 2000s aesthetic". On top of this purple background, you find mostly white letters and loads of pictures of naked girls, which is why we're here in the first place. Now that we've come to the conclusion that this page has some great aesthetics, we need to talk about a few other important things. Are there ads in here? Do they bother us too much and is the player good?





The majority of content in here is basically just pictures and nothing else, however, this doesn't mean that videos aren't present in here. Try and find a video in the "girl on girl" section (since you are most likely to find them in here unless you go to the "Missy's video" section) and click on any movie you like. You'll notice that it will load quickly. However, the movies don't last too long, which is a shame. For the most part, they last no longer than 10 minutes, which is a disappointment, to a degree. I mean, I can't bust a nut in ten minutes, but I guess some other dudes can, so maybe it's just me.



Some of the videos will end up being HD. Some will be nothing more but simple snippets, so yeah. One more thing that annoys me are the ads that pop up whenever you click on the player. I mean, I usually run into this kind of thing on other websites, but there's none of that on, which is a great thing. Imagine trying to lower the volume while some girl moans loud as fuck in the background, and you aren't able to do so because 30 ads have popped up all over the screen and you can't close them all, isn't that horrible. It is, especially if you don't live alone. So, you don't have to worry about that.



A few words to finish you off

Basically, if you are a fan of naked bitches that don't move an inch, if you want them to sit still until you bust a nut, then this is the place to go. Little to no videos on, but there are loads of great pictures that have been sorted into categories, and they are sure to make you cum within a few minutes, so you are surely in for a great experience at xMissy. No ads, no bullshit, just porn is a site that's about sex and other stuff. Case closed. That's my take on what this site offers and it is a pretty damn accurate one. They have some sex, and then, they have some other stuff. Get it? No? Okay, let me expand a little bit so that you don't cry me a river and call me lazy for not being too detailed in my reviews. has popups, has sexy pictures, videos, videos that are not sex-related, they have viral clips wallpapers, they have...


Okay, now that you get that is a multi-talented site I think that it is better if I go into detail about what it is that they deliver and they deliver it so well. The best way to describe their content is by listing their header tab on their homepage. So the list goes like this, Videos, Pics, Webcams, xxx videos, Find Romance, Show Yourself, Sex Shop, Wallpapers. Did you get all that?


Which one seems the most interesting to you? To me, the most interesting was Show Yourself, and no it is not a part of the site where you take dick pics and submit them to It is so much more than that. It is a part of the site where you can also see boobs, booties, and pussies as well. The catch is that you need to write down on that body part or somewhere in the picture in order for the picture to be submitted.


The Find Romance part of the site doesn't work. I clicked on it a couple of times, and I didn't get anything, not a popup, not a redirect, nothing. It was just stuck on the homepage, so I continued on to other parts of the site. I guess I will never find romance. Too bad for the girls who are never going to meet me now. The XXX Videos section sent me to a site called I'm not going into that site now, but that's 1 out of three for right now. These sections are getting slimmer by the second I tell ya!


Well, at least the wallpapers worked. This is the section where you could get a 1920x1080 wallpapers, and they have sexy girls with sexy chests and sexy asses on them. I grabbed a few wallpapers for my background and then I got a "Not enough memory to open this page" crash on my Chrome browser! As I was starting to lose my patience with so many things in my life, was not the only thing.


What I liked the most about was the viral videos and the videos that were short and funny. They had nothing to do with sex nor did they have to do anything with anything but, they were interesting and engaging, and they were a breath of fresh air, one that was disrupting the monotony of the sex vids and pics. One more thing, the Webcams section didn't work also. Nice site though.


The videos section was a compilation of all short videos, mixed with sex-related and non-sex related ones. They were about 10 seconds long, and they were not your regular porn videos. In fact, doesn't have porn in its full form, let's just put it that way. They have sex as a spice, to make other content more intriguing. Yes! That's pretty much the gist of Now I nailed it. That's who is!


As I'm coming down to the end of this review, I have to admit, I've seen stuff!!!! There are some of these god damn viral videos that you just don't want to see man! I mean it. Sure, the content is fun and entertaining, but they have a way of placing these images slowly so that when you run into a dude cutting his own dick, you are already prepped for this kind of shit. Just fucked up shit. So I have to state again, is about sex and other stuff and other stuff can be fucked up, so you've been warned now!


So I went through, and this is what I have to say about it. They are a very engaging site. It actually took twice as long for me to finish up this review since some of the "other stuff" videos were way too interesting for me to pass them up. Soon enough, I was caught in a rabbit hole of videos, and I couldn't stop. The good thing that came out of it was that I found that messed up section that had videos that were shocking as fuck so now I can warn ya'll about them. All in all, I liked the site it had a good variety of content, and it was cool regardless of all the sections that didn't work.

It’s a URL, it’s a porn gallery, it’s URL Galleries! With an introduction this simple, you can expect a pretty simple website, an that’s exactly what is. This place will get you where you need to be in record time as it presents all sorts of amazing and sexy porn pic collections to you at no cost whatsoever. I mean, it’s not only that it’s all for free, but it’s also that there’s so much content here, it’s incredible, to say the least. I absolutely adore how amazing this website is and how many porn pics they have. It’s like they read my mind and were like: “Yep, we’re making this site alright”. These guys are literally saints I’m telling ya.



The design isn’t exactly what you’d call “good”

Anyway, enough ass-kissing. Every porn site has its faults and that means as well. The thing that bugs me the most with this website is the fact that they have one of the worst designs that I’ve ever seen on a porn site. I don’t say that lightly either since the fact that looks like it was coded by chimps on typewriters says it all. Alright, perhaps it’s not a fact, but I can safely say that this shit is something that can work on. I mean they have so much potential when it comes to their content, it would just be a shame if they continued with this design and didn’t upgrade to something that looks a bit nicer.




It serves its purpose though as a perfect medium for delivering porn pics has one purpose when you look at the whole thing. Its purpose is to bring you some of the best porn galleries in existence. One of the most amazing things about is the fact that they really don’t hold themselves back when it comes to uploading content. I mean, you have content popping up left and right on this website and it’s just a joy to watch as you’re waiting for the next upload to hit the set. And believe me when I say that there are going to be many uploads hitting the front page of before you can even say “give me some fresh porn galleries”.




Frequent uploads are a given on this website

They manage to upload so much content that it’s somewhat of a miracle the fact that they manage to provide all of it without forcing you to pay. I mean, obviously, nothing is free in life, and so you’ll be paying on in terms of watching ads and all that. But practically speaking, if you can live through the ads or have an ad blocker, then you’re really going to have a good time on without much effort put into it. I think that their ad system isn’t even that bad, to begin with. It’s pretty fair, to begin with, and I haven’t even experienced ant pop-up ads on this website.



When I say that is one of the most amazing places to get all of your porn gallery content, and I mean that when I say it. The fact that they are offering all of these damn porn galleries for free is really something. The moment you start browsing their website, you’ll be showered with post after post of some of the most amazing porn pics that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t end with just a random selection of porn galleries for you to view. You can expect a lot more from this website and here’s what I mean by that. Basically, I’m talking about all the Categories, and we all know how important those are when you’re building a porn website.



Categories for pretty much every genre out there in the porn industry

I mean heck, my website is all about categories. Everywhere you look at ThePornLad you’ll see some kind of category. Even was in a category. The one that deals with porn sites that are all about showing you porn pics and not videos. is one of many, but you can expect that the simplicity of the website will have its advantages when you start using it. Obviously, the first advantage is the one that you don’t have to fuck around with some features that aren’t even needed when browsing these pictures. And not just the pictures on, I’m not just talking about these pictures specifically, I’m talking about all of those stupid websites that overload the site with things that nobody even uses.



On you have one feature that counts and that’s the Categories section on the left side of the website. All of the categories are listed out as they’re supposed to be and you can check out each and every one of them individually as far as the site is concerned. It’s up to you to decide which of these categories you’ll be checking out at the end of the day. is just there to give you the option when it comes to all of them and that’s that. If you think that cares about how much time you’ll spend on the site and how much resources you’ll burn through, they don’t. I mean they do but in a good way. They’ll probably try to make you stay by providing some of the best jerk-off material that you’ve ever seen.



Some really hot amateur pics with amateur chicks flashing

I mean jeez, I’ve seen a lot of porn, and some of these images still make me horny as hell. There are chicks of all shapes and sizes on here and many of them even take pictures of themselves flashing, in public even. There are just all sorts of images to see here. Of course, where there are images, there’s a need to download them as well. You can do this by simply clicking on an image to get the full resolution version of it and then you can proceed to download it by right-clicking on it. It’s as simple as that really, and you can have just about any hot slut that you come across on here. I saw this one chick flashing her tits in a mall parking lot, and I’d be damned if I didn’t download that image. I just need some of that content in my life every now and then.



And besides, seeing as how doesn’t really provide you with a way to check the top-rated or most viewed images, you’re kind of stuck with the most recent ones, and if you want to check out some of the older ones, then you have a lot of scrolling and clicking to do. Honestly, this is one of the things that annoys me with somewhat. They have all of these amazingly hot pictures but what’s the point of having so many if you can only see a handful without scrolling your ass off through all the different pages.



An outdated design isn’t exactly what you’d like to see

I know I already mentioned the design and how it’s bad but let me explain why it’s bad as well. It’s all because of the fact that they have some of the most dated graphics that I’ve ever seen on a porn site. looks like it was made in the 90s or something and they haven’t progressed since then. It seems like their site is still optimized for all of those old 4:3 monitors. I know some of you are too young to even remember those, but once upon a time, the monitors weren’t this damn wide. It’s only after that they started making these and then all the websites adjusted. Well, most of them did, sites like obviously didn’t.



Anyway, it’s not the end of the world, and you’ll still have plenty of fun on This place is still stuffed with amazing porn gallery content and you’ll be able to view just about every image on here for absolutely free. I mean if you need any more convincing than that, then I have no idea why you’re even reading this review. Everything was clear from the start and you can rest assured that is going to be one of the first places you’ll be going to for porn images once you try it out.

Pandesia World is an adult sex blog that seems to have made it a mission to only have the hottest looking girls online. The front page is going to catch your eye in a very positive way. Here you have all the girls that you could ever ask for and navigating your way around them couldn't be more simple.

All the categories they have are strangely enough all the ones that I usually look for. is trying to make a change for the better and that's something that you can tell right from the start. I love that they don't have as many ads that most other sex blog sites tend to have, they just have one or two and to me, that's very normal. This just reaffirms it to me that they do care about what they have on their site. They're not going to put a girl up just for the hell of it she is going to be worth it and that's something that you can count on.

I can sense a real trend at Pandesia World and the more that you look around the site the more that you will as well. I want you to take as much time as you need to get a feel for all these gorgeous looking babes. Soak it all in and most of all just be ready for all those regular updates and the sexy girls that come with them!

I always like it when I am going to see something fresh and or exciting. Just something that gives me a change from the norm so to speak. Today that change was a visit to, a picture blog that focuses on big boobs and sexy babes that enjoy showing them off. I have always been a fan of larger boobs so as you can imagine I was very much so looking forward to seeing what this adult blog had to offer.

The homepage at Bod Girls seems to be laid out in a decent way. On the left-hand side of the page, you have the categories in a drop-down box, you also have the tags, about us section, the archives, and a few other things as well. That is all very standard and nothing seems to be out of place. The top of the page has another drop-down categories list, a models index, and a video section as well.

Looking at the content on the homepage I was intrigued to find out what would happen when I clicked on a thumbnail of a girl that sparked my interest. I must say I was impressed that I actually got taken to the page with the girl that I wanted and even more so that I didn't get any pop-up ads in the process. You will see a few advertisements when browsing the site but honestly, these are kept to a minimum and I didn't find them to be an issue.

I wouldn't say that I am a huge fan of the color scheme but I guess it is down to personal choice. With fresh updates and a commitment to posting only the hottest big boobs, Bod Girls could easily become a very nice porn blog to visit. It would 100% benefit from adding a few community features, perhaps a registration feature that allows for a more involved community feel but even so I think I could find myself at home here.

I like a good read and I also like a good look at quality porn as well. takes both of those qualities and mixes them together and the result is a porn blog with a difference. Featuring a bunch of well-written and relevant porn articles, it was a real pleasure to see a site that was focusing on the right things and not just another place where you could find full porn videos to watch.

The design of is standard as far as blogs for porn go. It's nothing groundbreaking but it doesn't need to be. Keeping things simple works and so does focusing more on quality content. The first article that managed to get my attention was titled "15 Best Ebony Deepthroat GIFs & Movies" and I thought that sounds interesting so it was the first one that I read. As far as structure goes it flowed nicely and the added gifs and videos were a nice touch and added a nice visual aspect as you made your way through the article.

I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly a massive fan of the color choice, but the more I looked around the more I started to like it. also has a newsletter system and it would make sense to subscribe to it so you can keep updated with all the latest porn blog news. I know many of you enjoy having a distraction from all the stressful things in life, perhaps might just be the distraction that you have been looking for.

If I asked you what the hardest thing to find online and in-person what would your answer be? If you ask me the answer is honesty. So many people are always out to take advantage of you and they'll do it without thinking twice about it. All you want is a legitimate VR porn site to explore and a few honest reviews to read about virtual reality porn, surely that's not too much to ask, is it? just happens to be the first VR porn review website on the Internet, and it has influenced the whole VR experience ever since. They got their start back in 2015 and the passion to give users a friendly VR experience has flowed ever since. They have what I would call the most complete information on VR porn anywhere and you don't need to take my word for it. I invite you to take a look around at other virtual reality porn sites and see if they even come close to what offers, take it as a dare if you wish!

I think once you check out the competition you're going to come to the same conclusion that I did. This is going to be one of those rare times you actually manage to find a legitimate porn site that cares about reviewing VR porn scenes with no bias in mind and without caring about taking a deep dive to do it. I think that's worth celebrating and I know just how I am going to do it.

Are you tired of all the nonsensical porn that just doesn’t have any substance to it? Are you craving for something more than just video after videos of people fucking and you jacking off to them? Do you want something that’s a little classier than what you’re used to? No? Hah, I feel ya, but if you do there’s Flesh Bot with their very professional blog series on all sorts of things connected to the porn industry. That’s right, this isn’t your average tube website, this place has some actual content, and it offers it to you for absolutely free.



Porn media? Sure, but this place is a lot more than just that

So, for instance, if you want to watch a video on this site, you certainly can. There is a fine selection of those to go around here, but they aren’t like the videos you’ll find on other porn sites. Instead, these hit pieces have accompanying text that gives you some more context about what’s going on, and this can really enhance the experience. This is all in case you care enough to read through the article, cause if you don’t then you might as well go to a regular old porn site and you won’t be missing anything.



I’m not even trying to sound pretentious or anything, cause even I don’t wanna do this much reading just to get off to some sexy goodness. This place if for the porn connoisseurs, the people who have seen everything that can be seen when it comes to porn and are sick and tired of seeing the same shit over and over again. They wanted a change, and provides. Now you can kick back with a pipe in one hand and a monocle in the other and read as many articles on porn as you want on here. I mean, I know I’ve seen all the porn that can be seen, but I’m still not bored of it for some reason!



Straight, gay, trans, or do you swing in every direction?

What else can you expect from this website? Well, there are plenty of features to go around here and you can set up the website so that you only get the content that you’re looking forward to the most. For instance, at the top right of the site, you can set whether you want the content to be straight, gay, or transsexual. You can also leave it on All if you’re an adventurous type. I’m sticking to my guns so I’m all up in that Straight business. But hey to each their own, right?



Then you’ve got the categories, another great way to move around in search of the perfect content. The categories aren’t your regular old ones that you’d find on other porn sites. Here the categories are as follows: Pornstars, Editorial Features, Hardcore, Celebrity, Porn Galleries, TV/Movies, Amateur, Sponsored, Lesbian, Podcast. As you can see, these are some really non-standard categories, so you should really get ready for a treat when you start browsing them.



Editorial Features just like in a proper magazine

Pornstars are self-explanatory, this is where you’ll find all the hotties that the people over at like to write about so much. Editorial Features are some of the finest articles to surface on this website so definitely give them a look-through. Hardcore is all about finding the roughest porn and then trying to make it seem like you’re all sophisticated around it when in reality you’re a complete freak that likes to be super rough in bed. But hey, it’s all cool, I like that too.



Celebrity is a tab that is really fucking boring. It doesn’t have a lot of interesting things around it. The only fun things that surface on here are when celebrities have their nudes leaked, but that isn’t so often. Porn Galleries is a place where you can check out all the porn albums that you can go through on this site. Did I mention all of this content is free? Yeah, it’s going to be hard to beat such a professional site like when all of the content that it offers you is free.



Amateur content as well as some proper context for it

TV/Movies is another tab that’s about the more popular media rather than straight-up porn that you’re used to. Amateur is where you’ll find the hottest homemade content and some really good articles surrounding them. Only the best get chosen to be featured here, so if you’re a fan of amateur porn, this is a place for you. You get a fantastic video, and some amazing text to accompany it and give you some context to the whole ordeal.



Sponsored articles are something that nobody likes so I don’t know why they gave you this as an option. I know for a fact that pretty much nobody will click on here. I guess that the sponsors aren’t as clever and haven’t realized it yet? Let’s just shut up and keep rolling. Lesbian is, again, pretty self-explanatory. It features some of the hottest lesbian content on here (which is also under the straight category, knows what’s up). And finally, there’s the Podcast tab which… I don’t really know why they have this actually.



The design if slick, it’s modern, and the colors work

I really like the way that this place looks by the way. The colors are nice and contrasty so you get to see everything clearly. The color scheme is nice too. The black and pink work really well with each other in conjunction with the white background. Oh, I can already hear it now… “ThePornDude, that’s not pink, that’s VIOLET”. Why don’t you get out with that bullshit before I violet-ly punch your face off? It’s pink and I don’t care what you say, it won’t change my mind.



The layout takes some getting used to since nobody visits blogs anymore. But once you get the hang of it you’ll notice how easy it is to navigate Flesh Bot. It literally works like a porn blog with articles being placed one after the other with big flashy headlines and little snippets underneath. Think of the last news site you were on and it’s basically like that only narrower let’s say. I’m fine with that, but I think they could’ve found a way to fit more content in since you have to do quite a lot of scrolling to go over articles.



You can visit the shop or the live sex cam sections for an even broader experience also features a shop where you can buy all sorts of porn and sex-related items. I don’t know why you’d want to buy porn DVDs since we live in the 21st century, but I guess that’s still a thing since they’re offering it. The interesting stuff that you can buy here are all the Sex Toys and there’s quite a few of them to choose from as well. Make your girlfriend stop nagging you for sex by getting her a vibrator and you can continue fucking the rest of your side chicks in peace.



Oh, another important detail is that also have their own live cams! You know you’re a prestigious site when you can afford to run your own live cam business. And it’s not some kind of cheat tab on there either, it genuinely sends you to the Flesh Bot live cam experience. Other sites usually just redirect you to a completely different website and you have to deal with a complete redesign and mess that that brings. Not here though, you get exactly what you expect.


All in all, this is a pretty great site. It has everything that it needs to have for a porn blog, and then it spices things up by having a store and even live cams. You can do plenty of things here, including reading, but reading jokes aside I would say that this is some proper content right here. You can definitely tell that they’ve put effort into this site, so you should definitely give a go if you’re feeling like experiencing a whole new side of the porn industry.