Sexting Sites

Hello horny people! Raise your hand—er, not THAT hand—if you’ve been rubbing yourself raw to lots of great porn, but find that you are looking for a more “personal connection” to those dirty daydreams of yours. In other words, you don’t just want the unattainable fantasy on the screen—you want her to be “real” in the sense that maybe there is a possibility of hooking up irl—or you just want a babe who is open to trading nasty pics and sexting with no strings.

Sure, you could go on Bumble or Tinder and try your luck, but let’s be real: swiping sucks and half the time it is a waste of time. Since “they” killed Backpage and Craiglist personals, it’s increasingly tricky to find likeminded horny adults. Sure, if you’re into Kink, there’s Fetlife, but adult social networking is in a weird ‘in between’ phase right now—and not only that, but people are increasingly looking for quick, dirty, and easy apps for just about everything. (Uh, raise your hand again if you’re also guilty of Amazon Prime-ing in bed? Yeah. We thought so.) Like it or not, apps are in these days—so it’s only natural that adult entertainment should embrace them too!

That’s why we’ve compiled a handy (hah, yes, we’re referencing THAT hand now) list of up-and-coming Sexting sites that integrate with popular apps like Kik and Snapchat.

First up, there’s This site is a fun free-for-all where you can connect with both Kik and Snapchat users: guys, girls, MILFs, teens, couples/swingers—it’s all here, and yes it’s LGBTQ friendly too. You can sign up using your Twitter, Google, or Facebook accounts, and browse or swap through dirty pics and videos.

Now if you’re “old school” and going “whoa, back-up, I don’t know what Kik is,” relax. is exactly as it sounds—an online adult forum where essentially you can accomplish the same things as on Sext Fun – but you have a real forum too where you can connect with and enjoy other members. Right from the homepage, you’ll find links to live cam girls PLUS member submitted nude selfies. So there you go!

Next up, and are both similar in that you can lets add locals (guys or girls) in your area (or anywhere in the world) to your Kik app and start chatting. lets you do the same with either Kik or Snap Chat. However, just be aware that open platforms like this do attract spammers as much as hot girls, so caveat emporium: don’t give out your personal info and use some bloody common sense.

Lastly, we wanted to mention This site is a great combination of everything we love about both Sexting Forum and Sext Fun. You can definitely still get usernames for both Kik and Snapchat here, but if you’re impatient for hot amateurs right now, has a huge forum where you can browse nudes and videos. Plus, they cater to both gay and straight content, so whatever you’re on the hunt for (or whoever, for that matter) you’re sure to find it all here!

We hope this info helps get you off to a very ‘sexty start’! Keep your eye on this page, as we expect more great Sexting Apps and such to cum online.

Kik Dirty is a huge forum site dedicated to, well, the dirty side of your regularly scheduled chatting time. Kik Dirty is pretty easy to use, not to mention FREE. If you are over 18, you can create an account for free and begin reading and posting alongside thousands of other active members. And let us just say, this place is happening! One thread we checked out was started in 2016—and it had a new post from this morning. Now, in terms of babes, you can get real Kik usernames here from horny and available ladies all over the world.

Additionally, many cam models also seem to frequent this site, which is nice because then even if she lives too far away for a real-life hookup, you can still enjoy a wild live sex show. Indeed: social media is a super vital part of models self-promoting, so even if you get frustrated with the spam out there, take heart: Kik Dirty definitely attracts some gorgeous and genuine ladies who want to connect.

Now back to the Forum: you will see on the top menu some helpful links to VR porn, free porn, and top porn sites. If you want porn discounts, there’s also a link to hook you up with those too. The main forum threads themselves are pretty self-explanatory. You will find username sharing, nude swapping, and users who want to sext (Kik Sexting). Threads update very quickly, so if you’re hoping for a honey on your lunch hour, there’s a good chance you’ll find several eager takers here.

But that’s not all—not in the slightest! Kik Dirty also hooks you up with Snapchat and Skype users—just keep on scrolling, and you find similar threads to the featured Kik Dirty ones. Again, you can browse pics/nudes, share your own, and find horny amateurs or real cam models who share in your fantasies. Whatever your preferred messaging platform is—and whatever country you happen to be in, Kik Dirty is all about helping you connect, so don’t miss out!

Cumeagle! Chat rooms were the shit, once upon a time. Back in the day, when the internet was still in its infancy, it used to be the best way to stave off boredom. Plus, back before xxx cam sites ruled the land, video chat servers were the best way to find sexy, horny chicks online who might be willing to flash their tits for you if you were lucky. Or, at the very least, provide some halfway decent conversation and a pretty face. Oh, how many hours I must have wasted in chat rooms as a hormonal thirteen-year-old.


My go-to was usually to check out the AOL Instant Messenger chat rooms. Back when that was a thing. Actually, I’m pretty sure they still have it available for a free download, if anyone’s interested in taking a little stroll down nostalgia lane. There weren’t a whole lot of horny chicks in AIM chat rooms. Unfortunately. And I was still too timid at 13 to try and seduce a girl into sending naked pics or anything like that. I did awkwardly stumble into some pretty hot cybering sessions, though. So, it wasn’t all for naught!


The way to go, it turned out, was to use a video chatting site called Omegle. Damn. I really wish someone would have told me that! I completely missed the boat of using Omegle in its prime, sadly. But from what I hear (and from what I see … every once in a while you’ll come across an old recorded Omegle convo in which a sexy chick rubs her clit or flashes her tits) it was a great spot to go and kill a few hours, as well as potentially rub one out with random hot chicks from all around the world.


Did you have to put up with running into a few dicks to find a sexy chick eventually? Well, yeah, but that’s just sort of to be expected with sites like that, isn’t it? The majority of the users are automatically going to be guys, mostly because we don’t really care who sees us rubbing one out, and if it happens to be a beautiful woman who wants to partake in some mutual masturbation, well, that’s a win!


But either way, even in its peak, Omegle was still a gamble. That is completely due to the random way in which Omegle just presents you with someone’s webcam feed. Unfortunately, there was never any way to search or to change settings so that you would only be presented with chicks. I don’t know why they never added in that setting. It seems kind of dumb not to. But, hey, I guess that’s part of the draw to Omegle, isn’t it? The risk. You never know what you’re going to get. I suppose that could be exciting. If what you got wasn’t just penises 75% of the time.


100% Free Randomized Video Chats

Omegle is, surprisingly, still up and running to this day. Shocking, right? Who the fuck would have ever thought they’d still be going? I thought for sure that they would be steamrolled into oblivion by the enormous outpouring of adult camming sites. But then again, Omegle is completely free. And those fucking cam sites can drain your bank account just as quickly as they drain your balls. So, I suppose I can see why there might still be a draw to Omegle. Also, I’m sure some part of it is similar to the only draw that AIM still has: the nostalgia factor. I wonder if there are any chicks who used to go onto Omegle at 18 or 19 and have fun with strangers that still go on now every once in a while, just to relive their glory days.



Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? I think we’ll have to just mosey on over to Omegle and see what there is to offer. Hopefully, they’ve been able to keep the site up a little better than other chat room sites out there – many of which are just digital ghost towns now … filled with nothing but bots, lads, spam artists, and, if you listen closely, you’ll hear the extremely faint echo of all the voices that once filled them long ago.


Dated Site Design, Tricky to Locate Adult Section

From the moment you arrive at Omegle’s home page, it will look as if not much maintenance or modernization has been done to the site since its heyday. It still has the same cheesy ass font and color combination (blue and orange … who the fuck thought that would go well together?). The background is a boring beige, and everything on the homepage is crammed into one little box in the center. Here, you will find, inexplicably, an American flag and an announcement that Omegle will work on your phone or tablet without an app. “The website works great on mobile,” it reads. And, honestly, they aren’t lying. I’m impressed at how smooth the site transitioned itself to be mobile-friendly.



There are also frequent warnings about how the video chat is monitored. “Keep it clean,” they urge. Yeah, okay. I’m sure that’s going to happen. But I do understand why they feel the need to include such a proclamation. Omegle has, over the years, developed quite the reputation as being a hotbed for pedophiles and sexual predators. Back in the day, parents were up in arms about this site (as well as others like it). But apparently creepy old men used Omegle to convince underage girls to show their tits or, worse, meet up with them in person. At least they’re finally taking some precautions to vet that shit. In my opinion, though, they should have just tracked down every pedophile by geolocating them and hired an assassin to swiftly and quietly put bullets in the backs of their heads. Nobody would miss them. Fucking pieces of shit.


Nowadays, it looks like you can still access the “adult” or non-moderated sections of the site, but they don’t necessarily make it easy to find. Clicking on “Adult,” takes you to a sort of false landing page which will prompt you to sign up with your email address. Don’t fall for it, though, it’s just so that they can get your info. Instead, you’ll want to click on the “Unmoderated Section.” That’s the real Omegle. And lo and behold, what do I see the minute I click into it?


To Be Expected…

You guessed it. A dick. And not just any dick either. It was a morbidly obese white man with rolls and rolls to spare, sitting awkwardly on a chair, and showing off his micropenis as if it was something to be proud of. It was disgusting and the image will likely haunt me to my grave. Luckily, though, he clicked out of our chat before I could process the disgust of what I was seeing. Shit, I pity the one or two girls on Omegle that will become victim to that visual assault.



As you would probably expect, the more I clicked through cam after cam after cam, the more dicks or shirtless lads or sweaty fat guys in wife beaters that I saw. There was not a single woman to be found. And that’s really amazing, considering the fact that, when I visited Omegle, the site’s counterclaimed that 19,000+ people were online. I’m sure there had to be at least a few girls in the mix somewhere, right? Probability would seem to require it! But none that I saw. And I certainly was not trying to stick around longer than I had to. There are only so many dicks you can look at before you say, ‘fuck this shit,’ and go to an all-lesbian porn site for a breath of fresh air. [According to my experience on Omegle, I would say that my limit is around 5].


Omegle also offers a text-only chat option, wherein the same randomized stranger element applies … only instead of seeing a barrage of tiny dicks, you just get text. And everyone I encountered on this section was female. Well, kind of. They were also all bots or girls trying to pimp out their premium snap chat accounts. “Kik me at…” one would say and then sign off. “Message me on SC,” another would say and then drop her handle before also quickly signing off. No sign of any real live horny girls, as far as I could tell. So, that’s a disappointment.


You could try Omegle’s newer feature, which allows you to list your interests. Omegle claims that they will, then, pair you up with people who share the same interests. But this also seems futile. Because if you put “sex,” who do you think you’re going to run into again? That’s right, more lads.


All in all, though, Omegle (often misspelled as "omegal", "omeagle", "omegele", "omgele" and "omegel") could still be a decent way to kill some time like it was back in the day. The only difference is, today, you’ll have a harder time finding chicks to cyber with!

Today we will be paying a visit to Chat-Avenue. This is a chat room that was quite popular during the chat room epidemic of a few decades ago. Yes, is still active as fuck, while most of its peers have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Read on for our impressions of this chat site.

The Avenue Of Dreams!

    Chat-Avenue just like most other chat room websites has a homepage that could have been designed when Mel Gibson was still fresh-faced and has apparently not been updated since. The dated appearance of the homepage however made quite a few of us nostalgic and kept us busy wondering what had made time fly by so fast.

    White is the background color here, and the site logo is the only thing at the very top of the page. The supported chat rooms are all listed next. There’s more than a few of these and they range from adult and kid-focused, to those about general issues, sport and music.

    If you want to please your cock or cunt, you can dive into the College Chat, Adult Chat, Singles Chat, Live Chat, Gay Chat and Lesbian Chat sections. If on the other hand you just want to have some fun, there are music, sports, video games and a general chat room. Apart from adult chat rooms there are a few for kids and teens.

    Now, below the box-like arrangement of chat room icons, is a wordy mission statement. There, the folks running Chat-Avenue do their best to impress by mentioning how they are active for 24 hours a day and provide a safe platform for all sorts of people to have fun. Be sure to read this mission statement if you want to get blessed with a headache!

The Adult In The Room

    The Adult Chat room icon on the homepage was the icon we made a beeline for. Once we clicked on it, we were taken to another page with a welcome message, a link to MyFreeCams and a list of rules and regulations. We were then asked to choose a nickname for the chat room and enter this on a screen powered by Adobe Flash. Once we typed in this username and activated Adobe Flash we were able to begin yakking away to people from all over about how sweet and loving our cocks can be!

    Unfortunately, the chat box here is a very very dated design that has to be from the mid 90s if not earlier. It is basic too, though there’s a very long list of active users who keep posting messages, pics and more. Sending private messages to chat users is possible here.

What We Think

    We did like what we see, but we are afraid that this site needs a very comprehensive upgrade. Its very dated look is not to our liking at all.

    We did love the many active chat rooms, where topics like news, games, music, and XXX can be freely discussed. Hell, you can even arrange to meet a person offline and get to fuck them silly, or watch them fucking themselves silly in the Cam Chat section! 

Looking for a fling? Use! It’s free, it’s anonymous, and you can start chatting right away. Not just chat, also video chat! There are more than 3 million users already, and you can talk to any of them. It’s a stupendous way to meet people from all over the world! Not just any people, but people who are, like you, also looking for a fling!

You just step inside, and you are ready to start watching kinky chicks that are streaming online. Well, chicks, guys, trannies… whatever you are into. There’s something for everybody on Flingster! It’s just as simple as pressing the big START button, and you are on your way! This is very cool to meet random people, but if you’d like to filter the results a little bit, you can do it very easily. You can look for people in particular locations, filter results by gender, and so on. If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, how is this anonymous if you can video chat… I mean, they’ll see my face!” Well, not necessarily. Not if you don’t want to! The site has over a dozen different masks you can use to hide your identity!

Ok, you also might be thinking, “Right… Where’s the catch, though? I mean, you are offering all these cool features for free, and there isn’t a catch?” I understand why you would think that, and here’s the answer: as with every site that offers stuff for free, there’s also a premium version. Flingster and many of its amazing features are free, but you can also upgrade it for special features and more benefits. You can chat with strangers without turning your camera on, but most of the people there are kind of expecting to see others, so it’s just more fun for everybody if you use your camera. Imagine someone seeing you but you can’t see them… Yeah, it’s a drag, isn’t it?

So, step inside, hit the START button, and you will be matched with someone immediately. After that, it’s up to you and them to continue chatting or skip to the next person. Enjoy!

Phone sex has once again blown my mind and not just for the obvious reasons. When you want girls for sexting you don't want to jump through all these different hoops just to use video chat to see how sexy they are. You want to get right in there and mix it up with them before someone else beats you to it.

Using a service such as saves you from having to worry about anything but the smoking hot sexting that will be coming your way. I love how easy this site is to use and I dig the fact that I can join up and it won't cost me a penny to make a membership account. 

Once you make an account they give you 100 credits and with these, you can choose a girl to start chatting with and see how your luck goes. I noticed a good variety of women online and I could see myself using this service should I feel the need to have random sex chat with a gorgeous woman. 

If you look at the live now page you can even see who you can start sexting with because obviously these are the girls that are online right now. When you click their picture you go to their bio page and here you can learn a little more about them and read some reviews on them from the people they have sexted with.

I like the basic feel of this mobile sexting site and I can see why many people enjoy using arousr to find horny girls to chat with. I can see myself using it as well so if it is good enough for me it is good enough for you!

321 Sex Chat! If you're looking for a proper good time where you get to interact with other people and talk about sex, boy, oh boy, do I have to tell you something. While most of us would prefer for these things to happen in real life, why not go for the next best thing.


There are many ups and downs when it comes to sexting on the internet. I mean, as long as it is with someone you know in real life, it should all be fine, right? However, when you RP on the internet and whatever, you're very likely to run into a greasy old man pretending to be a petite girl. That's not cool, is it? Some people may be into it, but most of you won't dig it. I'm sorry I had to kick this review off with such a disgusting thing (I mean, texting creepy old men on the internet is by far the worst thing that could happen to you in life, right?), but it had to be done.


What I like putting in these introductions are the very first things that cross my mind once I open in question up. I like to think that kicking these texts off in such a manner makes me seem a bit more human, you know? A bit more vulnerable. This rigid internet persona is easily broken. The same applies to you, but quite literally. Don't get scared, though. I'm not out there trying to snap your neck every time you enter a dark room. I'm just out here telling you what you should beat your meat to, and that's just as horrible. It's almost as if I get to see your browser history!



What can I expect from SexChat?

While this page does a terrific job at convincing you that sexting with random people on the internet is a very normal thing, I'll tell you right away that it really isn't. However, it is nothing that you should be ashamed of. I mean, at some point, the majority of people born the past 20-ish years or so probably sexted their boyfriends and their girlfriends. Even I did that at some point, and to be quite honest, I enjoyed it. I got some nudes out of the girl I was talking to in the end, so it all ended well for me in the end.



You know, if you utilize this website properly, the exact same thing can happen to you. However, you will probably be asked to show your face and body at some point just so that the girl you're talking to knows exactly what's up. She'll probably ask about your height and your weight as well. There are tons and tons of chat rooms on this page that may be utilized in various ways, but in the end, they all do the exact same thing. You'll end up talking to random folks, and you'll picture you two fucking in all sorts of ways, and they will picture you as well. You may not know the gender of the person that you're talking to, but hey, as long as he pretends to be a girl, it's totally not gay,



The various rooms

So, first things first, let's kick it off with the most basic room that you can find on this website. The only room that doesn't have a proper flavor or anything of the sort is the basic "sex chat" room to the far left. What you will find here are lovers of vanilla sex. These people honestly shouldn't even be on a website such as this one. You rarely even find people who aren't huge perverts doing shit like this. I mean, you still are talking about sex and all sorts of dirty shit with strangers on the internet...isn't that a bit too far for you vanilla-loving folks? This surely would have been too much for me like four years ago or so when I was an innocent soul, but much has changed since then, and I am into all sorts of freaky shit right now. Damn, I wish I could go back at times, but then again, I am glad that I managed to degenerate so much.



Then, we have the BDSM room where shit gets a bit too wild at times. What you'll find in here are folks who are into pretending they're pets, getting tied up, whipped and all sorts of freaky shit that regular people simply can't stomach. So, if you aren't a huge pervert, you should leave this room right away. Focus on something else, please. However, it does get worse up in these rooms, so make sure to bear with me. You either take your blue pill, and you wake up oblivious in your bed, and you continue to live a non-seasoned life full of bland tastes. However, you may also swallow the red pill and find out how deep the rabbit hole (or in this case, the glory hole) goes.


So, if you're able to survive the torture of the BDSM room, we have something even worse. This would be the "cheating" room. You know how cuckolds always get made fun of. I mean, most people can't get off to their loved one cheating on them and shit, but these men literally love seeing their woman get drilled in front of them, and in some cases, these cuckolds love sucking on the bulls meat after he's drilled their girl. So yeah, these lads are pathetic to the average straight lad. Now, imagine a chat room on the internet filled with lads like this. Yeah, even picturing it hurts, I can totally relate to you. You probably don't want to go here. However...I'm not here to judge you, so if you want your lover banged in front of you, then go ahead. I'm only here to hold the door for you when you enter the room.




Okay, now it's time to enter the void. The one thing we all fear (Furries) is what lies beyond this point. Welcome to the "furry yiff" room! If you're not familiar with furry terminology, yiffing basically means "fucking," but only when these anthropomorphic characters are involved. Now, I am not sure if it's still yiffing when a furry fucks a human. Maybe it's only used when a furry fucks another furry, but I am really not sure. Anyway, does it really matter in the end? What you will find in this room are lads who like pretending they're part-animals for some reason, and a whole lot of them are bisexual for some reason.



These folks are stuck in white American suburbs in 2008 when every other kid was apparently emo and had a fursona or something. A fursona is your furry alter ego, by the way. That's all I know about this kink. Honestly, while I am quite curious, I am somewhat afraid of getting closer to furries as I fail to understand them completely. You're afraid of things you can't understand, isn't that right?


Then, we have the "tranny chat" room. This one isn't that bad. I mean, it's just a room for lads who like seeing dicks and balls on their girls. While this isn't weird to me as I've seen a whole lot of tranny porn in my life (most certainly more than I wanted to see), I gotta mention that the majority of you will be creeped out by the fetishes that these folks have. Can you bear with the fact that some lads want to be drilled by a tranny with a big cock while they call her "mommy"? Yeah, it's pretty absurd for a whole lot of reasons...and I would really love to list them, but I'm trying not to be transphobic, so let's skip that part for now.



If you swing THAT way

You will also find a room that's all about gay lads. So, if you're a lad and if you fantasize about other lads drilling you or about you drilling other lads, just hop in, there's always enough room. Girls! You aren't left out here either. You can just hop in on the "lesbian" room. However, there are tons of lads in here pretending to be girls that like girls, but you probably won't mind this if you're horny enough.




Newcomers are always welcome

You don't need to create an account in order to join a chat room. All you have to do is choose the "guest" option, and that's about it. You'll come up with a name, and that's it. After hitting the join chat room button, you'll have to choose your preferred room again. You get to see the number of people in every single one of these rooms, too. Once you join in on a chat, you are forced to lurk for three minutes. Once you get the hang of it, you will be allowed to speak. The page is pretty nifty, and it's all free. There are no ads, too. What's stopping you from checking this page out?

i Sexy Chat is a straightforward chat site that markets itself as a place to have fun sexy chats with women (or men) around the world. The site asks you your gender and what you are interested in, and from there directs you to one of several chatrooms so you can start your journey of meeting someone to bust a nut with.


However, the reality is not quite as fun. Many of the chatrooms are filled with spammers, with hardly any girls and no proper understanding of the people you’re talking with. It can very easily be that the “girl” you’re talking to might actually be a 50-year-old professional balls sniffer. For those of you who grew up using the internet in the 90s, i Sexy Chat is really just a portal to various sex IRC chatrooms, with ads plastered around. There is no way to chat through video or audio, so if you somehow DO find a girl, you’ll have to go elsewhere.


I can’t completely hate iSexy Chat because at least the chatrooms are active and there is fun to be had, although probably not what you expected. I suppose that if you spend enough time here, eventually you’ll find a girl or two to chat up and try to sext with, but honestly, I think the place works best when you just want to swap pictures with other porno fans and shoot the shit.


If you are looking for a place to have live video or audio chats with girls as they talk about how much they want to suck your cock, well, you can stop reading.



A website from the 90s

The design of iSexychat reminds me of web surfing in the late 90s. This was a time when websites were starting to get a little more sophisticated than just graphics and text, but it still was far from the smooth and polished experience you can find today. This makes sense because iSexychat basically runs through IRC chat rooms, which are super basic with no video or fancy features. Frankly, I haven’t used IRC since over a decade ago, although it’s probably still good for filesharing.



The front page of the website is frankly a mess. You have big ugly photos of various men and women that get entirely covered up by a big ugly sign saying, “OUR CHAT ROOMS”. From here you start by picking one of seven different types of chat rooms.


The chatrooms look very different based on which one you go to. For example, the roleplay chat room is just a big ugly dark box with no ads, and no people either. Meanwhile, the main sex chat room embeds an IRC chat room into the website, and then there are ads all around the chatbox. It’s very basic and functional, but really nothing to be impressed by.


One thing I will say is that the chat asks for your gender before you go in, and you can see what everyone put as their gender to help you pick out what you’re looking for. They are basically all guys though…so be careful. CuteLisa85 may actually be a big hairy lad getting off to your pics.



Many different chatrooms

There are seven featured categories which include: sex chat, gay chat, lesbian chat, roleplay chat, general chat, trade contact chat, and trade pics chat. Be warned that some of these chatrooms share rooms, for example, the gay and lesbian chat rooms. Sex chat is by far the most active, with hundreds of people in the room spamming their porn and asking for private sessions constantly. It is a nice little blend of sexual frustration and weirdness, and really reminds me of the chatrooms from back in the day. I really wonder just how many real bitches are on this site.



Gay chat is combined with lesbian chat and fairly popular, with 114 people in the room when I checked it out for my research. The chat didn’t seem to have that much activity, and definitely not much sexual activity, and really just felt like random people hanging out and talking about their day. It was more a place to come and sit down and relax, rather than come in with your balls hanging out trying to bust a nut within the hour.


The last two chat rooms worth mentioning are the trade contacts and trade porn chat rooms. These rooms were reasonable active, and it looked like people were interested in trading pics. The other rooms I listed had very little activity and aren’t even worth mentioning.

One thing I want to mention is that iSexychat has a lot of fucking rules. It’s weird…there’s literally like 20 rules for the chat rooms! Do they really have moderators with such pathetic lives that they spend their time enforcing all this? Anyway, I guess I should never underestimate human depravity, and I do know that an unsupervised chatroom can go really bad really fast. Anyway, make sure you follow these rules if you like these chat rooms, although in my opinion, you won’t be missing out on much.



What I Like

I appreciate the old school feel to these chat rooms. Back in the 90s, I used to hang out a lot in IRC and AOL chat rooms just chatting and being bored. It was a simpler time.



It looks like there are plenty of people still living this online lifestyle, because the main chatrooms on iSexychat are pretty damn active with a consistent community. I was shocked! Yes, many of them are spammers, but even spammers need customers.


The site was also responsive and easy to use. There are a lot of annoying ads, but nothing that really infuriated me like ad portals or ads with sounds. Everything was relatively clean, maybe even boring, and you’ll find yourself in the chatrooms in no time. I also like that the site displays everyone’s gender, and I felt like most people were being honest about what sex they were.


I also greatly appreciate that you don’t need to register or sign up to start using the site. Registration is free, but it’s so good that you can just type in a nickname and start chatting right away. I don’t need weird sex chat emails clogging up my Gmail.



What I hate

This website is nothing like how it’s marketed to be. The site makes you think that you are going to be talking to some hot ass bitches who are touching themselves and ready at a moment’s notice to give you a private video show. Instead, you’ll just find a bunch of lads probably in their underwear scratching their balls, sharing their porn stash, and talking about their day.



The site is also very limited. There is no video or audio, and the rooms featured are all only chat. The design is bad, and everything just feels very old and not updated. I think it would be strange for you to go to this site as a first-timer and then become a fan. Many of the people in the chat room seemed like they’ve been there for years.




I think a site like this is doomed to die at some point. It seems to have maintained itself simply because of the following it had for many years, but I can’t imagine that young people today would be captivated by this place. There’s no porn, and the conversations aren’t sexy at all. Most of the people here are too desperate or too casual, and not fighting the good fight of trying to find some hot ass bitches.



I would recommend they at least update the layout and add some sexier content. This way, they can at least attract some suckers who will accidentally click their ads once in a while. My first time visiting iSexychat I literally yelled: “where is the fucking porn!?” Hell, I am still pissed about it. I can’t jerk off to words okay?



A decent chat community, nothing more

If you are really really, and I mean really lonely, then maybe iSexyChat is a place you can hang out and make internet friends. But for jerking off, I think even your shitty imagination outranks this place. There is frankly nothing to jerk off to. No women, no pictures, no video, no sounds, nothing!



I will say that it’s a decent place to swap pics. The swap chatrooms were pretty active with people posting lots of pictures. Personally, I don’t get why you would bother trading pics when the internet has more porn than you can ever find in your lifetime, but I guess there is a community aspect, plus some pics may be hard to find.


For me, it was nice hanging out in an IRC chatroom again after so many years, but I don’t think I’ll be back. I got nuts to bust.

You know how a roulette works, right? Well, Chat Roulette follows kind of the same principle, but with video chat. You step inside, and you are immediately matched with some random stranger that’s also using the site. You wanna move on to the next person? Hit the button and do it. The site will come up with the next random person. You can have a lot of fun with this website, and it is 100% FREE. You just need to give access to your camera and mic and you are ready to go.

This is a very cool way to meet new people from all over the world and have some fun. Now, if you are a guy looking for chicks, remember: there are thousands of other dudes, just like you, trying to do the same, so don’t be surprised if you have to sift through a whole bunch of other guys to find one chick. They are there, though — they are just a little harder to find. But often times you’ll see two chicks or more using Chat Roulette. You know, friends that are there to have a laugh while meeting crazy dudes. The girls that you do find are there to have fun, so you can just be silly, make faces, sing, dance, do impressions, or any other stupid shit in the spirit of just having fun.

Some dudes play guitar, others will show you their fridge, and other crazy shit. Also, you know the world is packed with exhibitionists, right? Especially these days. These days girls have a tendency to seek attention by showing their body parts, so occasionally, you will bump into some topless exhibitionists. You know the kind, you’ve seen them around on the web, you see them in social media… those chicks that seem desperate to expose their titties, show off their asses, and even give us a close-up of their cameltoes. While you wait for those to pop up, you can just joke around and even make fun of people if you want. It’s all about having fun. Step inside and check it out — it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Porn can be a lonely experience. No, really. After you bust that nut you sometimes realize that you’re just sitting there by yourself covered in cum with Riley Reids horny moans blasting from the headphones on your desk. Not me. I mean, I’ve always got some pussy on standby, but I know it can suck for some of you beta fucks out there. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Everybody gets horny. It’s a fact of life. And there are a fuck ton of people out there who will chat, roleplay, share pictures, and much more with you.


Seriously, it’s not that hard to get nudes from hot bitches or talk dirty with some chick online. You just need to stop messaging chicks you met once at a concert three years ago or some shit. Move on. There are so many chicks and lads out there yearning for some attention. But that all sounds easier said than done. Where do you find all of these horny people? It’s not something that usually comes up in normal conversation.


Of course, I’ve got just the site. is a chat room site that covers a fuck ton of topics. Since anybody can up and make a room for their friends there could be rooms for just about anything. But that also means there are plenty of porn/sex themed rooms to dive into. has been around since way, way back in 2002 when sites like this were all the rage. And, unlike other chat rooms, Chatzy has stuck around with a sizeable following of 3-4 million site views every month.



Free to Use Site with a Super Cheap Optional Membership

The homepage is simple. You can start up a chat and send invites to your friends. But the main bonus for this site is that you don’t have to register unless you want to save your room history, join premium rooms, or create premium rooms. Besides those specific options, you can browse the site completely and utterly anonymously. No more worrying about your email being attached to your favorite incest furry themed chat room. Though if you’re in that chat room I think you have more than just being tracked to worry about.



I mentioned premium rooms. The site has a premium membership that is more than reasonable, plus you get three free days of premium as soon as you make a free account. I wish more sites would offer shit like that. If you pay for the entire year the membership will only run you 24 bucks. Yeah, you read that right. That’s cheaper than some sites monthly memberships. Fuck, I go through that much money in condoms and lube every month alone. That’s nothing.


The premium account gives you a few neat bonuses. You can access premium rooms for one thing. This includes rooms one of their most popular rooms on the site “SEXCHATXXX” and other kinky chats like that one. It also allows you to send and receive private messages, gets rid of ads, create unique rooms with customizable URLs, speeds up chats in general, and removes the user cap on created rooms.



Simple Site Design. Search for or Create Your Own Kinky Chat Rooms.

The rest of the homepage has pretty basic shit. There’s a section for looking for new rooms by keyword. If you don’t know where to start they include a few handy suggestions, but I recommend looking up kinks or fetishes you’re into. Odds are you’ll find an active room with kinky fucks just like yourself. There’s a page for the FAQ if you’re new to chat sites. You can view and manage rooms you host, check out the blog, and view all of the commands/emojis available on the site.



But let’s talk about the kinky porn rooms on this site. There are a lot of them. Be warned, there are a fuck ton of furry ones. If you’re into that, then it’s your fucking lucky day, I guess. Otherwise, you might find yourself in yiffing hell. Most fetishes had at least some sort of furry room associated with it. But, don’t worry too much, there are even more regular porn rooms. There are plenty of fun rooms for sharing gifs, videos, and links to all kinds of porn. Hentai, BDSM, incest, and even more taboo shit like ageplay, vore, or scat.



Plenty of Crazy Fetish Rooms for you Kinky Fucks Out There

Though I’d say the most popular rooms are like “SEXCHATXXX.” In these rooms people roleplay, share gifs, sext, masturbate cam-to-cam, call each other for some steamy phone sex, and basically anything and everything to do with fucking. If you don’t want to dish out the cash for premium, then there are plenty of active free rooms to get into as well. They just don’t have all of the same resources as premium users and rooms do.



Each chat will have a set of rules for signing up. Some make you include your age in your username. Others make you pick a color to highlight your favorite kinky fetishes. It all depends. Once you’re in the room you can view who is online over on the right side, a list of room actions and other room-specific features on the left, and the chat will run right on down the middle. Each chat will have a different color scheme and background, so who knows what kind of sexy backdrops you’ll get.



Simple and Easy to Use Mobile Site for Discreet Chatting

The mobile site works great. It’s a pretty simple site, so I would have been surprised if they managed to fuck it up. The only difference is that all the menus get tucked away under drop down menus. Other than that, the site is exactly the same as desktop. No need for zooming in and out each time you want to read a response to a message or click on a sexy image link. It’s the perfect mobile site for stealthy browsing and responding to your current hardcore BDSM roleplay on the go. Since images don’t get automatic previews you don’t have to worry about someone getting nosy about what you’re doing.




ThePornLad’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is the variety of chat rooms to pick from. I didn’t expect the more extreme fetishes to have any sort of active rooms, but there are definitely plenty of options for you freaks. And I like that the site doesn’t try to do more than just host chat rooms. So many other sites mess around with features that they don’t fucking do well. Chatzy sticks to its strengths.



I’d usually talk some shit about their being premium rooms and memberships on a chat based site, but they actually do it well. The membership is cheap. You can still access most of the rooms without it. And they give you a free preview for three whole days. That’s how it's fucking done.



ThePornLad’s Suggestions

It can be hard to find rooms sometimes. There aren’t really any ways to search for rooms except by plugging in keywords and hoping for the best. Having a list of popular, new, and trending chat rooms would make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. Even a top 100 list of popular keywords would be great. Being able to view PMs out of the chat room you received them in would be nice. It could be an optional feature if you register an account or something like that. What if I had a good slave play RP going and wanted to keep it up without having to be logged into the chat room at all times?




ThePornLad’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re a fan of chat sites, then this is one of the better ones out there. It’s completely anonymous and free to use. There are a fuck ton of kinky rooms for most fetishes. The user base is fucking huge compared to most other chat sites these days. There aren’t any annoying ads that ruin the experience. The mobile site kicks ass. There’s not much more to say about this one. It’s good and simple like a quicky in the bathroom at the club. Get over to (often misspelled as "chatsy") and get chatting.

Chat Random! Are you a bit of an exhibitionist or maybe a voyeur? Do you like chatting with people anonymously online? Or how about a little sexual roleplay? If you answered yes to any of my questions, then you should try out some camming with people online. You don’t need to give your real name, email, or any identifying information if you don’t want to.


All you need is a webcam, some time, and be horny enough to get down with some random people on the internet. And a lot of people talk shit about this format but it can be fun. There’s a thrill about jerking off in front of others or finding some chick to show their tits to you and only you. Some people just don’t get it. But, if you’re like me and love that she, then come along and check out the kinky cam site I have for you this time. is, well, it’s all in the title really. It’s a chat site where you get connected with random people. The site brings in an impressive 4 million views every month, and they have been going strong since back in 2010. Not too bad at all. And there were over 25 thousand users on when I checked this site out, so there were definitely no shortages of cool people to meet. Though the quality of those interactions were a bit mixed, which I’ll get into later.


The general site design feels sleek and well put together. The blue and white theme is a bit much in my opinion. Some calmer tones would make it easier to browse at night, but you can’t have everything. Since this isn’t your regular porn site there aren’t your traditional header sand menus and all that good shit. Instead, there’s a single option up top for “Chat Experiences,” a place to login or view your account, and that’s about it for what would normally be the header section.


Variety of Different Chat Rooms and Places to Meet People

As opposed to most other cam sites where it’s just random video or text chat, you get a variety of cool options here. You can connect to chat rooms with a bunch of different topics. Shit like college, singles and dating, college, gay and bi, and chat with girls. But, of course, you can’t use the chat with girls section unless you pay a premium price. Same with the chat filters on the front page. Basically, you can use the random chat and most of the chat rooms for free, but the other luxury features are going to cost you.



But if you want to filter it down to just girls, guys, couples, or whatever then you’re shit out of luck. And the premium price is pretty high for a fucking random cam site where it’s not guaranteed that you’ll even see a nice pair of tits. It’s either 19.99 a month or 6.99 a week. Those are your only options. That’s fucking crazy expensive for the content, but maybe that’s just me.


And some of the chat rooms were pretty dead when I was on. College chat had like a dozen people tops. Just friends had zero. Singles and dating had under 20. It was pretty lame, but maybe I wasn’t on during peak hours. You might have a better experience. Other than the chat rooms, you could go to gay chat if you’re looking to see ever more dicks than the regular chat has to offer. And finally, you could go to 4 video chat room where 4 random people are connected to chat. A pretty decent selection of options that you wouldn’t see elsewhere.


Site Design Makes it Intuitive to Use

But let’s get down to business with the regular chat. To get started you just choose if you’re male, female, or a couple and hit start. You’ll need a webcam to get started, unless you just want to roleplay in the text-only connection or some shit. Then you simply hit start and you’re good to go. You’ll get connected with random people online that you can chat with, jerk off to, or whatever you want. This site is more adult themed, so expect conversations to steer in that direction. Your experience may vary from mine, but I’ll give you the rundown of how it went for me.



You’ll Probably Only See Other Lads Jerking Off

It was a massive sausage fest. I mean, what did you expect? It’s a random cam site. It wasn’t some wonderful utopia where hot bitches were showing their massive tits just for you. It was hundreds of lads skipping me because I was also a lad. Or it was some lad stroking his dick under a blanket. Or it was some lad stroking his dick in front of the camera.



Or it was some lad… okay you get the point. There were maybe a handful of couples, but I didn’t see a single chick. And I don’t blame them. “Get paired up with ugly beta males who just want to see your tits” isn’t a huge selling point. It was about what I, and probably you, expected. Now, maybe the girls section is that kind of utopia, but I’m not so sure. I’d have to see it for myself, but I’m certainly not dishing out the cash for that expensive membership.


Limited but Good Mobile App Lets You Chat on the Go!

But let’s return to the positive shit for a minute. The site has its own dedicated mobile app. It’s free to download and works brilliantly. The download isn’t massive like other apps. It’s only around 20mb to get started. You can’t access all of the chat rooms or the four-way chat like you can on desktop, but the basic chat is still available. You can pop in and chat with people online on the go if you want. Though the adult theme doesn’t make it too good for viewing in public. Knowing my luck I’d login and there’d be some lad fapping his heart out on the screen. Can’t have that on my screen during my morning commute on the subway. There are enough degenerates there as is.



ThePornLad’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Chat Random is definitely the fact that they have a wider variety of viewing options than most other sites do. Text chats, group chat room, four person chats, and more make this site a cut above the rest when it comes to chatting features. Another nice touch was that you could send emojis in the chat. Yeah, that’s a pretty simple feature, but you’d be surprised how many other sites lack the forethought to throw that in there.



Oh, and the filter options are pretty great. I mentioned gender options up top, but you can filter by nationality for free. Chat with people in your own country, or get connected to people all across the world. I personally like connecting to Japan or some of the other Asian countries. Those girls are just too hot for their own good.


ThePornLad’s Suggestions

My main suggestion for would be to to work on having some more of those cool chat rooms available on mobile. I’d say make there be less lads jerking their dicks on cam, but if they had the solution to that then they’d be on another fucking level. The content is just a fact of life that people who use these kinds of sites have come to accept.



ThePornLad’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a pretty decent cam site for what it is. It has a ton of free features that you won’t find on other cam sites. The paid set up is kind of bullshit. I don’t get having to pay for, you know, the main feature of the site, which is talking to horny chicks online. That was a bit of letdown. But if you’re willing to sift through the massive, massive slew of horny lads jerking off, or if that’s what you’re looking for for some reason, then give this site a shot. You might have slightly better luck than I did.

Young perverts today have it so good. You’ve got easy access to live WebCam shows, pornographic video games and crazy VR movies that stream the porno straight to your eyeballs. In the old days, your best bet for interactive masturbation was a phone sex line. In the early days of the Internet, sex chat rooms started picking up some of the slack. Chatropolis is one of the old school adult chat sites, operating since 1994.


Most of the websites from the mid-nineties are long gone, lost to the ether. I hope you backed up that old GeoCities page about the Backstreet Boys. The fact that still stands is a testament to text-based sex chats. Maybe I’m a little bit spoiled by all the HD premium anal teen movies I have access to, so I’m really curious to see why people are still jacking off to this.



Masturbate to this Old-School Vibe

The first thing you notice about Chatropolis is the design. The landing page is just a simple logo that was probably photoshopped back when the site was new. Click through to the real main page and none of it looks any more modern. This is a mid-nineties site, through and through.



Chatropolis looks like websites did back in the day, before anyone had heard of WordPress templates or HD images. It’s a simple-as-fuck design, white text on a black background with blue links. This is what every amateur website looked like in the old days, slapped together with a very basic understanding of HTML.


The front page is a rarely updated feed of Chatropolis news. The last update was an unexpected outage a few months ago, and the last one before that is nearly a year old. It’s mostly technical stuff, like being aware of spambots or how to handle errors from opening too many chat sessions.


There aren’t any very obvious signs in the text that this is an adult chat site. What gives it away is the spam I see on the page. I’ve got a spam blocker running, as always, but there’s still a big banner at the top with a bunch of MILFs flashing by. Supposedly I can fuck these babes, as well as the Asian chick getting fucked in a one-second doggystyle loop in the other ad on the page. Right. If that were true, why would I be wasting my time with a text chat?



Chat About Whatever Kinky Shit You’re Into

I clicked the Rooms link up in the header to see what kind of dirty conversations Chatropolis had to offer me. That old-timey design follows me to the Current Rooms list, which is another block of blue links on a black background. These guys are so committed to that nineties legacy style that I started getting flashbacks to Jenna Jameson and Asia Carrera wank sessions.



There are just under 50 rooms by my count. The topics are mostly easy to figure out just from the names. I have a feeling Asian Persuasion is where you go to discuss methods of curing your yellow fever, perhaps by visiting a massage parlor or just jerking it to some Japanese Adult Video. Tranny chats are filed under Chicks With Dicks, and you’ll find the interracial action in the Black Cock, White Woman chat room.


It seems like they’ve got all the basic bases covered. They’ve got rooms for amateurs, little titties and big ones, celebrity sex, and cuckolded husbands. You can discuss gangbangs with a group of like-minded connoisseurs, or get all gay in the Guys Who Suck Dick room. There are horny housewives, pregnant bitches, rough BDSM action and muy caliente Latina love.


Other chat rooms are a little more vague, at least if you’re going by the name alone. What exactly is going on in their Five Knuckle Shuffle chat room? I can think of all kinds of things that happen when you’re Home Alone, and I get the suspicion this isn’t a chat room to discuss the Macaulay Culkin picture. Toilet Fun might be about getting blumpkins, golden showers, scat, or maybe it’s just a bunch of lads sitting around farting.



Horny Housewives and Amateur Sex Chats

I really wanted to get into the most hopping chat room at Chatropolis. When I visited the site, they listed the current number of connected users as nearly 700. Chat rooms do list a number of connected users before you enter, but the only way to see them is to click on all the different chat rooms. After poking around a bit, it seemed like Horny Housewives was my best bet with 30 current users.



Before you enter a room, Chatropolis reminds you of the site rules. They are absolutely fucking serious about these, because they make you look at the same wall of text anytime you try to enter any room. It’s pretty standard shit: no minors, no underage role-play, no beastiality, no r*pe or other illegal acts. I guess these guys wouldn’t get along with hentai fans or the kind of perverts who write Literotica.


You don’t have to sign up to use the chat rooms. All you have to do is choose a screen name. There are some other quick options you can set, like your entry and exit messages, message filtering or chat colors, but who cares? I’m here for the fucking sex!


It turns out 30 is the maximum number of users for this room, so I was locked out. Instead, I took a trip to the slightly less crowded Amateurs’ Forum. Holy shit. I just found another thing that hasn’t been updated since the fucking nineties.



Sex Chat in a Vintage Environment

The clunkiness of their built-in chat is apparent the moment you enter a room. It’s got an ugly setup, with your own text box at the very top of the screen instead of the bottom like literally everywhere else. Much of the chat screen is taken up by people entering and leaving the room, and I can see the bottom half of a nude brunette somebody posted.



I tried to scroll up to get a better look at that naked beauty, but the auto-scroll foiled my plans. It was an easy checkbox to fix the issue, and then I was able to peruse the selection of amateur stills and animated GIFs people have been posting all morning. Some are obviously taken from professional porn flicks, but there are lot of candid shots probably stolen from Instagram or even Facebook.


It is a very active chat room, though I’m not sure I really see the point of posting photos in a chat room. There is no discussion going on, at least in this room. It just seems to me like this material would be a lot easier to post and beat off to on an imageboard or gallery.



Chat for Free or Pony Up Some Cash

Chatropolis offers a membership option that will run you 10 bucks a month for the standard membership, with lower rates if you subscribe longer. One of the prime perks they list is never being locked out of the room again. Yeah, that seems kind of important, because 30 isn’t very many people at all. I routinely jack off to WebCam shows with hundreds of other users vomiting obnoxious text into the chat window. And those are free!



The other membership features are okay, I guess. You can reserve your screen name and telegraph moderators if you need to, not to mention join multiple rooms at a time. Honestly, it’s the standard shit you would expect to get on any chat service without spending any money.


My guess is that these membership options exist so that true Chatropolis fans can keep getting their kicks on the same site they’ve been beating off to for perhaps decades now. They get about half a million monthly visits, and I really wonder how many of them have been visiting the site since before HD porn, WebCam shows, and other modern masturbatory entertainment.


Chatropolis has some serious flaws, mostly related to their extremely outdated design. That said, they’ve managed to stick it out far longer than almost any other website of the era, which tells you a lot about how much their users love the site. They’ve got chats on almost every sexual subject, so get in there if you like giving away your secrets.

Sext Fun is your source for the naughtiest Snapchat users available. Find amateurs and pornstars from teens to MILFs. Check out their sexy pics and explicit videos. Chat and trade content. Straight, gay, bi, trans, and LGBTQ are all welcome and sure to find what excites them.

Sext Fun has a lot to explore. For first time visitors, I would suggest starting with the list of the Top pornstar Snapchats. You'll find usernames for the likes of Abby Cross, Abella Danger, Darcie Dolce, Isis Love, and Natalia Starr. Snap Codes are included for ease of getting to the girl you want.

If you would rather check out the latest additions to the database, simply select that option from the drop down menu in the upper right of the site. On my most recent visit, the latest girls also came across as some of the horniest. I got to see unknown chicks with tits out and legs spread, inviting me to check out their Snapchat, and informing me of how horny they are and how much they love dick. There were cute college girls with bright smiles and perky tits, and there were also young beauties trying to kick off a career in porn.

The categories area is your best bet if looking for a more specific experience. Girls Seeking Guys, Guys Seeking Girls, Guys Seeking Guys, Guys Seeking Trans, and more are part of the selection. In addition to Snapchat, you will also find categories for Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, WeChat, and lots of other platforms where you can interact with horny people eager to show you everything and chat until you bust your nut.

The tags are another useful part of the site that can get you to the users that will fulfill your needs the best. The list of tags is long and the variety is terrific. Black, brunettes, dating, hookup, premium, sexting, couples, bbw, selling, buying, Japanese, and wives are only a handful of examples. There is also a search bar to assist you in locating the types of users you want.

If you enjoy the thrill of sexting, then can link you through to the best matches for naughty interaction. just happens to be one of the best free adult chat social network sites. Online since 2018 this social network site for adults hooks you in with a fresh website design, a great layout, clean navigation, and a wholesome experience that I am sure many of you would welcome with open arms.

I think we can all agree we just want to know what our place is in the world and that's always going to be better if we have someone to share it with. Random sex chat with strangers might not have been your first choice, but honestly, you can't deny it when it works as well as it does at

Make a free account and in a matter of seconds, you could be discovering a whole new community of like-minded people who enjoy the sexual delights offered up with casual sex chats. You don't need to be spending your precious time searching for someone to chat with, not when you've got a full community of people ready to chat live with you online.

I say just take a good look around at and just see with your own two eyes what they have to offer. I'd be happy to go out on a limb and say you'd be a very lucky person to find anything close to what they serve up on a daily basis. Minimal advertising, a clean-looking site, free sex chat, free registration, just do what you know you do best and chat with random men and women because you know you deserve it!

So, you’re into sexting, huh? Back in the day we only had “phone sex” and we had to use our imagination a lot more. But now there are all these apps that allow you to send pictures and videos, and voice clips… There’s Kik, for example. If you’re into Kik sexting, you’ll find plenty of Kik usernames of like-minded people on You’ll have lots of fun with them!

There’s a variety of stuff you can do: roulette chat, straight chat, lesbian chat, gay chat (I know lesbians are also gay, but you know what I mean), Indian sex chat, German sex chat, video chat, BDSM chat… the list goes on. You can chat as a guest, which does not require registration, or you can sign up and be an active member of the community. You’ll be able to participate in discussions (there’s a forum), share stuff with other users, and so on. Signing up is 100% free.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’ll find just the chat room for you: Latino chat room, Philippines chat room, Serbian chat room, Swedish chat room, etc., etc. You’ll be able to chat with people in your own native language, or in any language you want. There’s public and private chat, and there’s a staff working 24/7 to help you out with any issues you might have.

There’s a blog, too, and it has plenty of pretty cool and interesting posts where you’ll learn a lot of things. The site is just pure entertainment. If you like chatting, then chances are you like GIFs — they are a big part of an online conversation these days. The site has a GIF section with plenty of porn GIFs for you to use on the site. Usually, it’s stuff taken from studio porn, but there’s also stuff from movies and so on.

This is entertainment free of cost! Gay people, straight people, transgender people — they are all welcome here! It’s a fun place to be when you need to release some sexual tension (and we know we need to do that from time to time). Go ahead and check it out!

If you like sexting, I know where you can find a whole community of people into it. It’s called Sexting Forum. There, you can meet hundreds of people into sexting, so it’ll be 100 times easier for you to get sexting partners. And there’s sexting for all kinds of sexual orientations, so no one will be left out. Check it out — it’s 100% free to use!

You can trade pics (nudes, obviously), videos, you can watch girls or guys on Snapchat, you can go cam to cam, you can use a general chat to talk to everybody and then go private with the people you connect with… I mean, there’s a whole bunch of stuff you can do. You can find mature women into young guys (“Hot teen boys add me. Must be fit. Must show face,” for instance), and a lot more. There are a lot of kinky women on the site, and contrary to popular belief (or what most girls will have you believe), they do like sexting. So, why waste time trying to find sexting partners the old fashioned way when there’s a place now that will make it waaay easier for you?

As a member of this active community, you’ll meet a whole bunch of new people. They’ll share, you’ll share… everybody benefits. There are plenty of big-titty girls that love showing off, plenty of exhibitionists that get off on you fapping to their naked bodies, and obviously girls that want to fap to your pictures. They’ll talk dirty to you (using text, voice clips, and videos as well), they’ll tease you, they’ll get you horny as fuck and pitching a tent, and they’ll get your stroking your dick frantically to them. If you’re a lesbian girl, you’ll find plenty of lesbian chicks in the community as well, so prepare your clit for some serious rubbing.

So, now you know: if you’re into sexting and you wanna bust a nut to a real person instead of jerking off to porn videos, Sexting Forum is the place to be. Go ahead and check it out, it’s a great opportunity to meet people online that are just as kinky as you are. Have fun!

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