Top Pornstar Sites

If you watch enough porn, you're bound to develop a few fan-boy crushes on your favorite porn stars - and why not? They wouldn't be doing their job otherwise! But, even though you can Google until the cows come home, there's no such thing as a universal porn star search engine...or is there? If you hate wasting hours combing the web for up to date info about your favorite adult stars, and you want to find the top porn star sites out there, we actually have several solutions to your predicament that we are happy to share!

Fair disclaimer: facial recognition technology definitely has a way of being creepy, and we're all about your 4th Amendment right to privacy. That said, if you or someone you know has starred in a porn film, well, then your full-frontal image is probably all over the place anyway. Enter Pornstar By Face: a new and unique website that uses facial recognition technology to identify pornstars from a picture. Now, this place is still in BETA, and you won't find any male talent just yet. However, just give them time...and welcome to the horny future!

Additionally, if you're already a film geek, then you know about IMDB – but did you know about IAFD? IAFD stands for "Internet Adult Film Database" – and basically, this catalog will let you see porn star bios, detailed lists of a performer's stats and scenes, and even directorial credits. Needless to say, IAFD is an invaluable tool for your porn trivia needs!

But if you're sitting here going 'yeah that's nice, but I wanna jerk off,' no sweat – we got that covered too! For the fan on the go or the fan who wants to sample a wide variety of content before scooping up a membership, sites like and are invaluable.

Freeones especially has been around since 1998 – back when people had to jerk off on 56K modems! You'll find galleries and clips here, but also links to live cams and a huge forum. If you want to keep up on the gossip about your favorite babes or chat with fellow fans about your favorite scenes, Freeones is the place to be. has less of the social aspect, but they are a bit more modern – i.e., circa 2005. On, you'll find content sorted by name, not niche, so you can find videos by porn star. So let's say you're having an Angela White kind of day with a side of Abella Danger? You'll find both those letter A's in the same neat column. Just don't crash your browser bringing up too many tabs!

Last but definitely not least; you'll probably want to check out Tube Porn Stars. This site is different than the other porn tubes out there because instead of just clips, you'll find a list of the most popular porn stars and the platforms upon which you can enjoy their content. Look, we're all about helping out fans on a budget, but these babes work so hard that the real way to show your respect and appreciation is to pay for your porn at some point. Tube Porn Stars promotes the work of individual performers that you might not otherwise get to see too. You'll find is fast to load and easy to use. Links are sorted by newest videos, most popular updates, top rated content, and most voted scenes - so click away!

Of course, with so many gorgeous ladies (past and present) working in porn, it's near impossible to keep up with all of them - but hopefully, with our Porn Star List, you can get a leg up - or at least figure out who you want to see next!

On Tube Pornstars, you're not strictly getting a traditional porn tube experience. This site is about keeping tabs on the industries best sluts like Adriana Chechik, Asa Akira, Lisa Ann, and countless others. These girls are so good at delivering the goods that they've developed their own fan followings. They must be excellent at servicing dick, am I right? These gold-medal queens of cock deserve extra attention and this site gives them plenty. It works out great for their fans as well. 

When you visit Tube Pornstars, you'll find a list of the most popular porn stars and various methods for viewing their content. Links are arranged by Newest Videos, Most Popular Updates, Top Rated Content, and Most Voted Scenes. Links will also take you to their external sources, because Tube Pornstars doesn't store any of the content. This works out well because the site itself will always load faster and perform its function more efficiently this way. 

Once you discover how many videos are searchable on Tube Pornstars, you'll understand why they could never be housed on the site. There are over 48 million videos to see. That would be a ridiculous number to manage. You may even wonder how it's possible to find what you're looking for in a collection so large. And that's where the site really shines; its search functionality is top-shelf. Use their search box to type in whatever you want and the site gives you the hottest videos almost instantly. Not only videos but you'll even get intimate info about your porn star of choice, like bios and backstories. I can't say I've seen much of that on other tube sites.

To keep things honest, I must admit that I discovered a ton of the content on this site is amateur. So, it's not exclusively famous porn stars, but I suspect it's still one of the premier sources for professional talent, so there's not much reason to get upset about it. The content is great and I can't honestly believe most anyone would take offense at this discrepancy. Whether you're a hardcore fan of world-renowned adult stars or a fan of quality porn in general, you're going enjoy your time on this site. is a site committed to giving their members access to their favorite niche interests and porn stars. Not many sites can truthfully say the same. While FreeOnes may not be the flashiest site, it shines in the details. Honestly, that's what we need these days. We need more sites that deliver on their mottos. FreeOnes claims to be "The Ultimate Babe Site Since 1998.” Well, who doesn't like babes? Who doesn't like the 90's? If even half of this motto is legit then most of us are going to be pleased.

The instant the Free Ones homepage loads you may feel overwhelmed, at least initially. Why? Because the site wants to show you all it has to offer. It's not unorganized or cluttered, but the page is filled to the brim with a giant load of options to kick off your journey to jerk town. First you have tabs like: What's New, Babes, Board (message boards), Galleries, Free Videos, Sex Cams, and Reviews. Sound like a good start? Each of those tabs have drop down menus packed with links to guide you further. And guess what? We're still at the top of the homepage. Glance down and see we're not even started yet. 

Free Ones allocates much of their front page (at least visually) to thumbnail images showcasing their latest galleries, free porn videos, and personal stores. But links still dominate the site overall. The right column gives sections like Porn by Category, Live Cam Girls, Chat with the Stars, and Newest FreeOnes Babes. Porn by Category is separated into columns by subcategories: Videos, Links, and Sex Channel. Live Cam Girls has a handful of niche options. What stands out is the ‘Chat with the Stars' section which directs you to message boards, each one devoted to one of 640 porn stars.

Honestly, it's difficult to do this site justice in a review. While it may not be someone's first choice in a porn site, I think any serious fan of porn stars would do themselves a disservice if they passed on visiting There's also plenty of things the average porn fan would love about this site. With the sheer quantity of content, it may be worth taking a weekend off your normal porn routine to give this puppy some attention.

On you'll find a unique resource for keeping tabs on the American porn web community. In case you were wondering, IAFD stands for “Internet Adult Film Database.” It's currently maintained by a staff of volunteer editors, seemingly extremely committed to their cause. Knowing how extensive the adult industry is, such a massive undertaking should evoke some serious respect. After you take a look yourself, you'll most likely agree.

Upon first glance the site seems rather basic, but once you dig in it's quite evident this site has a lot under the hood. Consistency and attention to detail are vital in any review-based model and I was surprised to see how up-to-date they were, with their newest reviews having been submitted the same day this review was written. It would be easy to let those things slide knowing how much needs to be reviewed out there, but IAFD seems to be on-top of it.

What peaked my interest was their Resources section. Why? These categories: Birthdays, Astrology, Search Distributors, Search Studios, Glossary, Vendor Info, Adult Movie FAQ, and Dead Porn Stars. Some of these are standard, but I would never have imagined someone would search out porn stars by their Astrological Sign, Birthday, or especially by their Death-day. No judgment here, but I wasn't expecting that type of search experience.

So how much content is on their radar? They claim to be covering over 300,000 titles and almost 180,000 performers and directors. They also encourage comments, additions, and corrections to be submitted by their readers. It's not only refreshing to see they engage their user community so directly, but it's honestly a great way to maintain quality and transparency across the board. It creates a healthy, organic dynamic that speaks to their success thus far.

While IAFD might not be the site for everyone, it's definitely a respectable source for keeping up with the porn community. I have to admit that I found myself quite impressed with their approach. Even the novice porn star fan should consider giving them a visit or three. Check out - you won't regret it.

Lonely people all around the world who can’t seem to find themselves a real-life girl or fuck buddy are the mass that makes the porno industry thrive. There wouldn’t be so many popular XXX websites on the internet were it not for hormonal teenage boys & lonely dudes who need to jerk their dick in front of a computer screen in order to keep their mental health in check. With this in mind, you could say that jerking off to porn is a way to keep yourself healthy, and once you start seeing the age-old ritual of masturbating to pornography as a health precaution you’ll start to understand just how important it is to form an authentic connection with the girl you’re lusting after while jerking it.


This is because people are social creatures, and anything that can get them closer to other people in an authentic manner is guaranteed to satisfy – that’s why there are millions of everyday jerkoffs who lust after that ONE pornstar that they prefer jerking it to over any other pornstar. Once the brain decides that it likes a person, any interactions are guaranteed to bring in those good pleasure chemicals, which means when a guy cums to a virtual crush his orgasm is much more intense. This is why a website like is so effective, because it lets you see literally every pornstar on the internet and pick one out to fap to like she’s your special treat for the night.



Pick a Babe – Any Babe

There are so many different babes showcased in image-sets on this website that it’s enough to keep a lonely dude happy and jerking off for years – and maybe even for life, because there are always new girls doing low-budget photoshoots in an attempt to get into the porn industry, and you can bet every last sperm cell you have that their photoshoot will end up on this website because at least three new sets are added each day. Choosing which babe to jerk it to on this website feels much like when you’re a kid in a candy store, there’s just so much choice that you start to feel giddy during the selection process, let alone when you finally make your choice.



This can be a problem for some indecisive guys, because we all know just how hard it is to even pick a video to fap to let alone a photoset on a website dedicated to showcasing all kinds of hot nude babes. You might make a choice then have cold feet and go for another, hotter girl you just noticed right as you clicked on your first choice, but hey that’s the porn life for you – you know what they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.



All the Internet’s XXX Babes Indexed for Your Viewing Pleasure

Near the bottom of this site’s homepage is a nifty little ‘Babes Index’ section which is probably the only way to categorize the fuckton of babe galleries that are on this website, which is kind of disappointing but I’ll get to that later. If you’ve been jerking it to internet pornography for years now and have a solid knowledge of model’s names, you should definitely take advantage of this useful little mechanic because it indexes literally every babe that’s featured on this website in alphabetical order. So if you’re down to jack off to a certain Gina Valentina, Kleio Valentine or Janice Griffith, you know exactly where you should go in order to find their photosets with just a few clicks.




Can’t Make a Choice?

I know that sometimes it can be hard to select your porno of choice no matter if it’s scat videos or nude galleries of babes – if you’re someone who can’t make a choice to save his own life (or even go out and get a girlfriend), and if you have difficulty determining which girl you’re going to blow a load to during your special alone time, you might want to consider depending on the site’s statistics. The ‘Best Galleries’ section, which can be found right on this website’s homepage, contains galleries of girls that were liked most by the site’s prestigious members. So if you can’t make the choice then why not let likeminded people such as yourself help facilitate the choosing process for you – after all, these galleries were upvoted the most by people who frequently jack off to content on this website, so why wouldn’t you trust them?




Try Your Luck

If you’re not someone who prefers to search for a specific girl and doesn’t trust the site’s members enough to depend on the ‘Best Galleries’ section for a virtual girl to jack off to, then you might just want to use the ‘Babegrid’. This is a page of the site which can be found on the top navigation section of the website, and what it does is present you with twelve different girls for you to choose from. Think of this as like a babe gallery lottery, but with twelve girls instead of one.



Not all the babes presented are guaranteed to have galleries, and you never know what you’ll get in terms of quality because some have shitty pictures while others could be censored, or even linked to different websites altogether. But you’re literally taking a chance with sheer luck here, so what you get is what you get – unless of course you refresh the page and get twelve new girls to peruse through. However, sometimes even twelve girls can present too much of a choice for some of you, and if you prefer to narrow your random choice down to one girl there’s always the ‘Random Babe’ option…



Babe Lottery

As I said, sometimes even twelve girls can present too much of a choice, so why not try your luck on the ‘Random Babe’ section which is also found on the navigation part of the site. If you’ve been jerking your dick to several different XXX sites for a while now you know that most of them have ‘Random Video’ options which navigate you to a random video that might end up being a nice girl-on-girl dragon dildo fuck-flick, or an old grandma getting an enema – either way, it’s sure to spice up your porn-viewing life a little. Now imagine that same concept but on Babepedia, where your risk of running into an unflattering model that will deflate your hard-on isn’t so bad because essentially all of the models featured on this page are pretty fucking hot if I do say so myself. You could play the babe lottery by yourself and introduce a little adrenaline to your otherwise lonesome and dull romantic life by jerking to a random babe, right on this site’s ‘Random Babe’ section.




Wanna Get Even More Specific With Your Babe Lottery?

You can play the odds and select ‘Random Babe’ which will present you with a random model featured on this page that likely has several different galleries, or you can get even more specific and select the ‘Random Gallery’ section of this page’s navigation bar which will literally take you to any given random gallery on this website, and there are thousands of them so you never know what you’re going to get. This is certainly a way to ante up the excitement if you’re feeling lucky and playing the porn lottery on this website.




Plenty of Babes, And Plenty of Problems

This website can hold its own in terms of what it provides, but it’s safe to say that there are a lot of imperfections about it that can get pretty annoying especially if you’re a frequent visitor. First thing’s first, it’s full of ads – there are all kinds of distracting gifs and even written-text links on here that make it hard to focus. The gifs and picture ads may be one thing, but the written link ads that say generic porn verbiage bullshit on them like ‘dirty panties’, ‘Sexy Naked Girls’ and ‘Porn Deals’ are supremely annoying and kind of confusing if you don’t know your way around the site properly.

Then there’s the quality problem – a lot of the models featured on here don’t even have their own galleries, but rather have links on their showcase profiles that lead you to other sites which can fuck up your computer with viruses and spyware, which honestly isn’t worth the fap if you ask me. This website isn’t particularly bad, but it’s not that good either – as long as you’re willing to jerk it to random photosets of XXX models then you’ll probably make use of this place.

Move over Wikipedia—cause we’re all ‘motor-boating’ on over to Boobpedia here at Tommy’s! This incredible reference site truly is the ‘wiki’ of porn, or at least the wiki of gorgeous busty babes. You can use Boobpedia to look up just about any busty model whether she works in porn or pinup. You can check busty models of all kinds, including celebrities too, and even amateurs who are not necessarily well-known porn stars. And as you would hope, every Boobpedia entry contains useful biographical stats and info about all of a model’s available big tit pictures and videos, and usually links as well. Boobpedia is similar to regular Wikipedia, in that as a registered user you can actually help out! Users may contribute information about models on Boobpedia and help to edit article pages! Boobpedia is truly the number one place to find the most aggregate knowledge of big breasts, so even if you cannot contribute, please stop and appreciate the fact that they put the E-cup in Effort here!

Now for some quick specs: you’ll notice on the main Boobpedia page that there is a box with “Interesting links.” In this box, you can browse some cool trivia things like model birthday’s or compilations of Playboy or JAV AV busty models, MILFS, Exotic Dancers, B-movie actresses, escorts, cam models, and more. If you know the name of the babe in question, you can also browse models alphabetically; or maybe you’d just like to pass a splendid afternoon browsing every beauty who’s name starts with a random letter of the alphabet—and see if matches her cup-size! If in doubt or confused, Boobpedia has a very helpful FAQ section, and they maintain active presence on social media, so give the editors a holler.

Also, you can rest assured: if you don’t know a model’s name, and you only know her marvelous rack, the “identify her” feature on this page will connect you with horny fans who can help you out! As these busty babes know, you need “support” to keep looking nice and perky in the world at large—so enjoy blousing—er, browsing the facts, and help contribute to the community of Boobpedia!

If you like keeping up with the world of porn and knowing what’s coming before it is released, then Adult DVD Talk will come in handy. This is a porn news forum where you can chat and interact with other members of the community, read pornstar interviews, view pornstar galleries, check out their official websites, discover the world’s top pornstars, review movies, and a whole bunch of other stuff, and the best part is that it is 100% free.

Stats and biographies on your favorite pornstars, news of upcoming releases, news on the freshest porn movies, trailers of such movies, where to shop DVDs… there’s a lot to explore! Let’s say your favorite pornstar is Jade Kush, and you want to know more about her. On this site, you’ll find her filmography, her Twitter page, reviews on her movies, her biography, interviews… the same goes for every pornstar on the site.

Some people don’t care much about the porn industry, except from time to time when they want to fap. They go to PornHub, or RedTube, or any of those popular names that everybody knows of, and then they hit play on some video, jerk off quickly, close the tab, and they don’t give a fuck about who starred in the movie, what studio it belongs to, or whatever. They care very little about that. However, others want to know more. They do want to know the name of the pornstars (they have their favorites), the name of the different directors and their different styles; they want to know the studios, the sites, the niches, and so on. For those people, Adult DVD Talk is the place to be.

The pornstar interviews are very extensive. The girls give a lot of information about themselves, which is cool because it’ll bring you closer to your favorite sluts, and you’ll get to know them better. You’ve seen them suck, and fuck, but know you’ll know how they think or what kind of person they really are. I think that’s pretty cool. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this website. Go ahead and check it out. You’ll love it! really doesn't look like much at first. After spending a little time exploring the site, however, you will find that it isn't quite as basic as it seems. In fact, it is a veritable treasure trove of free pornstar pictures and videos.

Admittedly, my first impression when visiting Porn-Star was that it was underwhelming. It has a very simplistic, no-frills layout, and although the preview images looked good, none of them popped out at me. I was immediately bored.

Things weren't looking so good for my enjoyment of the site within those first couple of minutes, but by the time another 5 minutes had gone by, I had completely changed my mind and decided that I loved what I was seeing. Just because it didn't have a bunch of bells and whistles didn't mean that it didn't have a lot to offer.

Once I gave the site a chance, I became quite impressed. It's important to remember that it is a free site. Viewers don't need to cough up a single cent to enjoy the large collection. Some of the other free sites out there feel cluttered and bombard visitors with constant advertisements, while also offering low quality. does none of that. They give it to you straight and let the content and usability speak for itself.

Instead of the content being sorted by niche, it is all sorted by pornstars. The hottest girls in adult entertainment can be found here in videos as well as pictures. The Top 100 List shows you the most visited girls from every year since 2005. To get to their free content, all you have to do is click on their name or picture. Some of the ladies who have made the ranking include Lisa Ann, Monique Alexander, Priya Price, Valentina Nappi, Mia Khalifa, and Sunny Leone. isn't giving away full photo sets and videos. Instead, it gives you high quality previews and then links you to where to go to get the rest. Again, it is all very simple, but that is part of what makes it work so well. Give the site a chance, and like me, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to one rather unconventional site… called db Naked. At first glance, I really thought this was an ad, then I thought maybe this is just a site filled with lots of galleries. But after a bit of browsing, I came to the conclusion that this place is actually a generic porn site that just looks a bit different than what most of us are used to.


The content here is pretty random, and I am pretty sure that like 90% of it is professional pornography, so if you were looking for amateur shit, this is not the right place for you. Keep in mind that just because it is professional porn, this is still a free site, meaning that the quality will not be the best. If you want HD shit, you should check out other premium porn sites I have reviewed instead.



Does not resemble a porn site…

So, my first impression is just that, this place does not resemble a porn site. I still have not decided whether that is a good or a bad thing, I shall leave that to you…. I really do not care. I mean, their design is not that bad, but for a porn site is a bit unconventional, as I have already mentioned. However, I know that the majority of you who browse for free porn do not care about the quality, right?



You do not have the usual menu or anything like that, but you do have the ABCs written above for listing, then some tabs that look odd, and the part where you get to choose if you want to list images or videos. The overall design is a bit weird, and I would not really call it bad, but I have seen better. At least they do not have those annoying ads, I mean that is a plus.


You can start by exploring everything on their homepage, mostly because there are not that many other sections to begin with. However, on top, you can choose if you want the general shit, which is straight porn, or you want to explore shemale, gay or BDSM., I am glad they added some sort of generalization options since I feel like most porn sites need that.


Of course, I spent a lot of time on this site, I tend to do that when talking about free porn places, simply because why would you pass up on that opportunity. Personally, I enjoyed what had to offer, but that does not really mean that you will enjoy it as well. You can check it out yourself, or you can just read what I have to say.


From one glance it was obvious that they have a variety, from the type of models to the type of the videos, which is obviously a good thing. I am sure that you will appreciate this detail, because well, there is a lot for you to enjoy. Honestly, a free site that does not offer a variety is usually not a good site… and since I am here talking about that means that this site is good.


Of course, this also depends on what the fuck you came here to see. If the only thing you care for is whether your shit is free or not, then I think that is a site for you. However, if you are picky with your porn, you have specific tastes, or you prefer HD crap, I think that you should check out premium sites instead.


Keep in mind that if I say that a site is worth the visit, then you best believe your ass that it fucking is. However, we are all into different shit, and I am here talking to all those who do not want to purchase a random membership on a premium site and would love to enjoy some free porn instead. Enjoy. I shall also go over what kind of content this place has to offer, but if you are not interested in that, you can just visit the site now.



Lots of great free pornographic videos.

I’m guessing that most of you are here to know what kind of videos has to offer, right? Well, they have a lot of shit to offer, and I think that you will love their content as much as I do, trust me… If you did not, would you actually be here? As I have said, from just one glance it is obvious that this place is filled with lots of random porn videos.



So, no matter what you might be into, I think you will love this place. Now, I do have to mention that if you are into something very specific or something that is rather odd, I think you should visit a different site instead. As I always say, this all depends on what the fuck you are into, to begin with. Since I like to watch a little bit of everything I am satisfied with their offers.


The first section I checked out was a series of images, featuring a tight blonde girl getting fucked by a black dude, all while her husband was watching them in action. I guess cuckold can also be rather naughty. I checked out a lot of other galleries, and they were pretty hot, the images were of good quality as well. But I quickly searched for videos instead.


I mean, if you are one of those who can fap to pictures, go right ahead and start browsing. I prefer to watch actual pornographic videos instead, so I checked out their clips as soon as I could. Oh boy, they were fucking hot, but I do have one thing that was annoying as shit… their player is a bit fucking slow… Nobody wants to wait for free porn, so why the fuck is it fucking slow?


I explored their clips, and I was surprised to see that they have so much to show. For example, one of the first clips featured a gorgeous Japanese girl who was getting hardcore banged by a couple of dudes who all decided to cum on her pretty face… after that, I also watched a couple of solos and other more basic pornographic clips.


However, there were also dirtier videos, that showed off a certain fetish, or so to speak. One of the videos I checked out featured a gorgeous white girlfriend getting fucked in the woods by her lover, as she was out on a picnic with her boyfriend. There are also babes of all shapes and sizes, as well as age, but legal, obviously.


So even if you have a certain taste when it comes to these lovely girls, I am pretty sure that you will find all of them to be incredibly beautiful and hot, and if not you will surely be able to find a beauty who suits your taste sooner or later. I think that this place does think about everyone unless you are into something specific and dirty.



Some, but not that many options.

This site does have some listing options or whatever the heck, but we both know that they could have done a better fucking job. I am glad that you can at least choose the type of porn as well as if you want videos or galleries before you start watching, that is something. You can also check out their channels, pornstars, and some categories.



The categories are pretty straightforward as well as the tags, they do not have anything out of the ordinary, they also do not allow you to use any of the advanced search options, simply because they do not fucking have them to begin with. I mean, there is really a lot for them to work on when talking about the user-privileges and all that shit.


Starting from the fact that you cannot become a member on this site even if you would like to, so all the usual privileges one would get as a user do not fucking exist. From that to offering proper search options, I think they do need to work a bit on their site.

However, is still a place filled with free porn videos, which is a big plus, obviously. You can check out all of their dirty videos for free, explore the site and just have some dirty fun. I am pretty sure that you will love everything they have to offer, just start browsing.

Pornstar By Face is a truly unique website that uses facial recognition technology to identify pornstars from a picture. Once the star has been identified, you can click on her profile to read a bit more about her and find sites where you can see more of her content. It's a fun tool that you are likely to find lots of other uses for as well, but more on that later in the review.

Pornstar By Face is completely free to use. In fact, you don't even need to set up an account. Simply head over to the site and start using it right away just as it is. It has a very basic look to it, but it doesn't need to appear fancy. What's important here is that it functions as it is supposed to.

Currently, there are over 2,000 pornstars in the database as well as hundreds of cam girls. That number appears to be growing at good speed. There is also an active requests community where you can go to get help identifying a girl who isn't recognizable yet.

As for the other uses I mentioned earlier in the review, imagine having a crush on a Facebook friend or coworker and wishing desperately that you could see them naked and fucking. That may never happen, but if you upload their picture onto Pornstar By Face, you can find some pornstar look-a-likes, and fap freely to their XXX activity. Additionally, if you suspect a girl is camming, but haven't been able to find her on your own, you can try to locate her cam profile by searching her here.

The site is extremely easy to use. Simply upload a picture of an actress or girl you know. Try getting the best quality image of the girl that you can with her full face showing. The site does not store uploaded photos. Once the system detects the face and conducts its search, you will be presented with the results. This happens within seconds. The Neural Network sorts results by the highest matches and separates them between pornstars and cam girls. is a lot of fun to use, but if you aren't careful, you can find yourself spending way too much time searching pictures of every girl you know. Of course, if you uncover the secret life of a girl next door, it's time well spent.

Euro Pornstar? Oh boy… the amount of times I crapped on the existence of a special pornstars’ page is too damn high… and yet I am here reviewing the site that is solely dedicated to the wonderful pornstar chicks. Well, in my defense, the European chicks on Euro Pornstar are quite fucking hot, and there is not a lot of unnecessary information given.


The site’s design is very basic, which got me a bit disappointed. On top, you can choose to list the chicks alphabetically, and there is not really any way you can list them randomly. Also, if you do choose a letter by which to list them, you get a list of names instead of pictures. You will be able to see a small thumbnail after you hover over the image, but that is just bullshit.


It takes too much energy to browse for the chicks this way… so not only is solely dedicated to pornstars, you also have this shitty way of listing. However, I never review a site that is not worth a visit at least a little bit, so stay tuned to see just what this place really has to offer.


Those who are huge pornstar fanatics will surely enjoy this site even without the additional shit, but if you are like me and you just need that something extra, then you should know that here you also have galleries. Personally, the pictures do not do that much for me, but I am quite fucking sure that most of you will enjoy the naughty galleries.


So, if you are interested in the chicks, there are plenty of them. Actually, when I visited they had 4723 girls, but I am sure that by the time you read this there will be even more sluts for you to watch. Every hottie will have a short profile, where you can see her name, if she is natural, does hardcore scenes and all that basic crap. You can also see which sites she is featured on, and below her profile, there will be a bunch of images and her personal galleries.


All the images that are presented are in HD, and while most of them can be opened here, if you choose to open some of the presented galleries, you might be redirected to the original site instead. I honestly expected that shit to happen, since it would be stupid for them to get views when the original content is posted on a different website.


Also, I found it quite fucking stupid that you do not get the usual menu on the homepage… you actually have to choose one of the letters above and list the babes, to get the menu, where you have plenty of other options... What the fuck is up with that? Keep in mind that not everyone is here to explore the website, some might just visit, see that there is not that much shit here, and simply leave.


So, when you click on the galleries, you will again not be able to see the usual menu, and that really pisses me off. So the deeper I go, the more I will have to undo my actions to actually get the options to go somewhere else. I want to know who the fuck designed this shit because that person should be fucking fired. I know this seems like a small fucking thing, but wait until you start browsing a bit more than usual.


The galleries will be listed by the site where they are originally from, so you can choose to view the website for even more content, or you can view just the galleries. It depends on what you came here to see, since if you came to see the naughty bitches in action then you will surely have some fun. You can also find different porn sites that might satisfy your needs better when browsing the shit here.


Excluding that, you also have a special tab dedicated to Euro sex news, if somebody cares… I mean none of the so-called ‘news’ I found there were even interesting, so I am not sure who the hell reads that shit. Do you really visit a porn website to read, or to watch bitches and jerk the fuck off? Also, for some reason every time you open a different tab, the site’s design will slightly change…it gets fucking confusing after some time.


The Euro Porn Site Reviews will actually have reviews for like 1 fucking website, or two, and I am not sure why they needed to add a special tab just for that. I mean, the sites that are reviewed are good and all, but the functionality and need behind this shit is quite fucking confusing… Not to mention that the site’s design changed… again.


Other than that, offers some of the basic shit… like suggestions to other sites, or as they call them “friends” and their history; yes you heard me right, they are talking about their history. You can’t tell me you visit a porn site and the first shit you think about is ‘Hmmm, I wonder how this place began’… who the fuck cares?


If you like to see naughty HD images of beautiful models and pornstars in action or just posing alone, then, by all means, visit However, keep in mind that here you have no actual action, that can be seen on videos, for that you will have to visit an actual porn site instead.

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